I think I’ve mastered my short temper & self control this full moon🥳👏🏾 Cause normally that would’ve bothered me lmao

You’re not scared bc it’s a scary world we live in, you’re scared bc you watch the news at 10pm every night…

Pastor Mike Todd is sooooo wrong for that clip🤢 . The devil really be having dominion over folks

this music earworms segment includes a newer band called blouse! let's get into their sound and learn a little about them too. the goth life includes exploring newer bands keeping the music genres going!

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If you care for Him or Her, pray over them. Protect their spirit

MLK shouldn’t have died. Malcom X, Pac, Nipsey, Fred Hampton and all other Nobel Black figures who were assassinated should all be here. Our community needs to do a better job at spiritually and physically protecting ourselves & our ppl- the courageous Ones who choose to lead the pack through truth telling, nation building & activism. If you aren’t putting your life on the line for you & your ppl ,the least u can do is spiritually protect the ones who are since ultimately it’s our liberation they are fighting for

Some enemies are more valuable to you than members of your team.

I left the north because of the snow just to come down here & see snow again. Can’t win😂

Everything I didn’t get growing up I want to give to my children.

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