Blkem's New Logo - Strength and Unity

The Change: We wanted to display something unique within the Black community. Something that uniquely identifies us and the unification behind it. When people see Blkem's logo, they will know that it's a representation of us coming together to build our community's foundation.

This solidifies the bond and the strength that comes behind what the Blkem community is trying to accomplish.

The logo also represents a "b" for Blkem.

Moving Forawrd: New logo means new updates coming soon and a more efficient application.


all that separates us

from the future we want

is our strength of will

Africa News
#Eswatini Protesters want Democracy in Africas last absolute Monarchy; A Curfew has been established and the King allegedly fled the country

#ghana 2 People died, and 4 injured in total during protests

#drc to strengthen ties with#rwanda
Ongoing crisis with attacks

Ongoing war between#tigray and#ethiopia
TIgray rebels retake tigrays capital - Ethiopia declared ceasefire
UNICEF office had been raided

God WILL give you the strength and all that you need to keep going! I'm a witness!#Goodmorning

might makes right: having superior strength or power

gives one the ability to control something

or enforce one's own agenda, beliefs, justice, etc.#definition

"Mother of blood

give me bravery

and strength

until my ancestors are avenged"#quotes

Replied to unchained tiger's Post

"this is the conscious act, the decision, strength and courage

to express and realise your thoughts"#quote

overpower: to defeat someone by utilizing greater strength or power#definition

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God has a purpose and a plan for ALL of His children, possible side effects may include strength, miracles and unspeakable JOY! 💃🏽💃🏽

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