For Black History Month, our Monday podcast is offering another solution to#blackowned small business for achieving their audio and voiceover with basic equipments that do not need to be expensive.


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Audio editing with basic and cheap equipments || AFRIBEAN PODCAST - YouTube

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For Black History Month, our Monday podcast is offering a solution to#blackowned small business for achieving their content on a NO budget, No skills, No download basis.


#influencers #branding #marketing #strategy #afribeanpodcast

Video Editing with NO skills, NO budget, NO download || AFRIBEAN Podcast - YouTube

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COVID-19 has hit some countries much harder than others. This leads to ask a question: Was the disease engineered to target particular ethnic or racial groups? There is no proof of that, but the Defense One site reports that the 2017 edition of “Science of Military Strategy,” published by the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army, mentions the potential for biological warfare research to include “specific ethnic genetic attacks.”

U.S. government officials are in fact worried that China is developing biological weapons that target certain ethnic or racial groups.

supplanter: someone or something taking the place of another,

as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like #definition

"We have to unify under a workable strategy"

Dr Amos Wilson

"DARVO is an acronym for "deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender"

It is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers." #quotes

"power essentially is built around strategy and technique

how people align themselves with each other

it is centered around organization and systems

not in people

not in individuals

but alignments, systematic relationships, tactics, strategy

this is where power comes from"#quote

Dr Amos Wilson

the strategy of our oppressors

is to inflict just enough trauma and suffering

to induce terror and submission

but not enough to provoke a full scale uprising

This pic literally asking fools “ SHOULD YOU PROTECTING YOUR FUCKIN SELVES”””
Bitches I KEEEEP telling y’all we are at#WAARRRRRRRR .!!! What part are yall stilllll freaking missing?!?
🙄If y’all#stop letting them ROCK YOU BACK TO#SLEEP with the DISTRACTIONS & FAKE HATE we’ll have the solutions ALREADY !!!
I’m 25 & this shit STOOOPID AS HELL 🙄We’re in a shift we’re they’re NORMALIZING killing blk folk & nothing happens in THE MEDIAAAAAAAAAA ... Its a PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY to RECONDITION ((our generations minds)). . Yall to dam Comfortable & get in yall feelings when someone like me spea

I played chess against an Aryan nation member who hasn't lost in years & he thrives off of outsmarting black ppl. I saw his game from afar and quickly realized that this devil wasn't on my level. He wins off of our mistakes. Every opponent he faced was moving their pieces before they thought out a strategy. I waited patiently & caught him by himself and challenged him to a game, swiftly defeating him & declined to ever give him rematch. Becoming the first black King🤴🏾 to win against him and stay undefeated forever 👑💪🏾. I go hard on all levels 😎😂🤣

Replied to C.R. S.H.'s Post

I'll gladly teach you how to learn strategy and have a great formula for success. Lol

It's SUNDAY and the start to your best week. Let's honestly talk about it! It's a new year. YOUR new year resolution is to get out of poverty, make 6-figures, be the FIRST millionaire in your family's legacy, create generational wealth. WHAT is your strategy to achieve it?

Success is very seldom STUMBLED upon. We want to see you achieve whatever your heart desires. How will you go about doing so?

If you're not sure or just missing pieces of the puzzle to your plan. Here's a suggestion: Attend the FREE 11 MONEY SAVING & INCOME GENERATING HA

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