Stephen Gardner is still offering financial advice, advising us on the stimulus plan and giving away hundreds of $$$ every month!!

Biden's ONE BIG Change | Stimulus Package Update | Manchin Wants More For SS, SSI, SSDI and SSA - YouTube

Stephen Gardner updates his community on what will happen with the stimulus package next week. 30 winners total: 10 will win $...

America does need a $2000 stimulus, then $1000 monthly until pandemic is over!!!
Please sign the petition!

i still haven't received my stimulus check. i spoke too soon

my taxes hitting tomorrow and that stimulus check coming. it smells like broke in here ?

Under the Trump Adminsitration, we were left out of the stimulus. Under this new administration, we'll get help to keep us afloat.

Support black owned farms and homesteads.

Since stimulus checks are starting to hit, here’s some reminders
1. You don’t have the right to tell people what to do with their money, it’s theirs, not yours.

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, so don’t push people to take their money and start a business.

3. Don’t talk down on others for needing this money. If you got it like that, good for you not everyone does.
4. Some people have been struggling for months. So whether they want to save it, spend it on bills, or use it to do something nice for themselves, they have that right.
Stay out of other people’s pockets. Thanks.

Candace Owens & Cardi B BEEF, Bobby Brown, Demi Lovato, Robert Aaron Long, Stimulus Check & More! || by Storm Monroe


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As I pondered the worst news story of the day A Black man kills 4 people over half of a STIMULUS check, I can only imagine the ignorance that we will see when ADOS receive the debt owed in the form of REPARATIONS.....The love of money is truly the root of all evil

How about a #supportblackbusiness challenge!
Starting March 21st, upload a receipt of yours when you support a black business. It not only will show your participation, it will also bring much needed attention and exposure to black businesses that we are not aware of. Don't get your stimulus check from the government and run to non-black businesses to spend it. Understand that your money is your greatest power! Together, anything is possible! ?

Stimulus : $1400

Canes employee: Whats kickin chicken?

Me: My foot up yo ass now gimme the whole fridge with all the sauce in it

Stimulus check= $1400?
Tithes= $140?

What y'all gonna do???

It's clear who the Republicans are...

How much of the stimulus you get if you have a child again ? ?im tryna seee sum lol

my taxes hitting tomorrow and that stimulus check coming. it smells like broke in here ?

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