My Senegalese braddas likely got Qatar up outta there lmao

In response Black Like Vanilla to her Publication

Life will always find a way.

“Research from 2012Trusted Source suggests that some head lice have adapted to living in coily hair. The researchers found head lice in four African countries: Senegal, Burundi, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.”

The African Renaissance Monument located in Dakar, Senegal 🇸🇳 one of my favorite structures in existence.

I'm blowed Senegal did not beat the Dutch, that's the mothafuckers that INVENTED the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.

I was born in France so that’s the home team, but rooting for Senegal as well

if you want to know what this world cup means to us, read these words from our captain Kalidou Koulibaly
#Qatar2022 #senegal

Have you ever seen the traditional Senegalese fight ? And if so did you see it virtual or in real life ?

#kenya Woman is being awarded by WHO, for helping over 1000 women to give birth during pandemic ;
Man makes masks to Bricks,
Woman divorces her man to marry holy spirit

#africanparliament election suspended after days of disorder

#Nigeria more kidnappings

#ivorycoast ex president plans to come back

#Mali #ecowas suspension and sanctions over second military cup ,
Military releases Prime Minister, President under unknown conditions

#senegal president is being bashed for buying new yet, amid pandemic

Wins african beach soccer cup

Africa News (1/2)
#gambia upholds ban on skin bleaching products

#gabon wants more equality between men and women

#sierraleone fire inferno

#Nigeria and crypto currencies , Benin Bronze to be returned from #uk

#ivorycoast ranks fourth in global rubber production; Ouattara names Patrick Achi as prime minister

#senegal activists released, call to exit French retail companies; journalists allege increased intimidation against Ousmane Sonko; economic struggle amid covid

In response Houleye ... to her Publication

The way people cheer and roar after each sentence of Sonko (the president’s opponent).... The Senegalese president really messed up on that one. He let his opponent lead the narrative and lead the people

Almost a week after the beginning of protests in Senegal, the president still hasn’t spoken to his people. People don’t even know if he’s in the country right now…

His opponent, just hours after getting out of jail, took the stage to talk to the Senegalese people, starting with a moment of remembrance for the victims of police violence.

Whether it’s a political move or not, it was important. He did what a leader is supposed to do.

It’s the Senegalese president wearing a French police jacket with the French president face on it for me !!! ? Yup, that's a good sum up

In response Sunny Dee to her Publication

zanzibar is really beautiful . i definitely visit there one day. we are going to guinea the home of my partner or maybe Senegal the home of my family. French is not my favourite language but i am planning anyways to upgrade my fulaar or soussou. but that sounds like you have a great plan for repatriation.. i feel that now is definitely the time for that. despite all our efforts , the west will probably stay racist .. (im not judging the one who want to stay.. its their right, because their ancestors worked hard )

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