"Black businesses have been "cancelled" for less, whether it'd be pricing of goods/services being sold or a restaurant owner telling patrons not to spread their secretion juice all over people's food while they're trying to enjoy their

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Again, thats a false equivalency. But following that logic, as of the past 20-30 years we DID force smokers to stop smoking inside public institutions: restaurants, libraries, etc. If the choices of your body hurt/affect someone else, those rights are restricted.

Which ever restaurant u think got the best mash potatoes ain’t fxckin wit my mash potatoes… & it’s vegan❗️

Good morning and Happy Friday, fam! Anyone outchea do deep cleaning for restaurants and restaurant equipment?

online bussinesses..? A restaurant ?& a child care center ???...... #Manifesting

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?? The food is the same as other luxury restaurants but their cheesecake is the da bomb.

This is what I was referring to last night. Like how can a person who's not from Africa move into Africa & ban the real Africans from Africa from coming to their restaurants in Africa?? #makeitmakesense


How do ppl come to Africa and ban Africans in Africa from coming to their restaurants??

we highly recommend reading this book when searching for what ways you can get involved in helping your people. UNIA owned restaurants, grocery stores, produced plays, etc. Black Star Line shipping was just another puzzle peice to liberation. UNIA was well ahead of its time. a black owned and operated conglomerate.

I wonder... if there's any vegans out here in Georgia that know where's a good sit-down restaurants?

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