In response Shun Williams to his Publication

With all that said, these are just my thoughts based on self-reflections and observations of other men around me.

All through Psalms 35 it shows how God don’t play about Us & will fxck some shxt up about his ppl which is why you must seek a mate who is a reflection of GOD..God is humble but God don’t turn the other cheek…idk who keep telling y’all that

Its always funny seeing Black lgbt folk talk shit when they don't even like their own reflections.

Yall hate yallselves but wanna get on a Black Man for not dating Black Women or a Black Woman for not dating Black Women.

Yall tolerate racism in the lgbt community....

My skin right now is definitely a reflection of my mood these past couple of days. Just getting worse n worse😞

Am i trippin or is RA, the Sun God the same as Jesus, the Son of God??? RA, the Sun god created life from his tears then came to earth to rule his kingdom until he died & went to heaven where he became king of the heavens. Is that not Jesus?? is Christianity not a reflection of Egyptian mythology?

In response Reaghan Costner to her Publication

this is a critique on the conscious community in general, i happen to have close ties to Moors. the conscious community lacks foresight and the gumption to put semantics and differences aside for the sake of the unconscious and the community as a whole. that person is not very logical, but its not a reflection of the entire group.

The words that you speak to your God should be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. #MadeInHisImage

In response AFRICAN NOT AMERICAN to his Publication

could that be a reflection in what the previous generation has set for us to follow?

In response Site Admin to his Publication

What we have learned or should have learned as a people is in thebworld today the only way we are given any value is we have to sacrifice our own loved ones in order to get made whole, but my question is have we not sacrificed enough of our kin ? The violence in our neighborhoods is a direct reflection of the poverty and substandard living conditions that have been forced on us but it is our RESPONSIBILITY to educate our own that we are fighting each other but we are not the enemy. This is a call FOR UNITY in our lineage and neighborhoods WAKE UP MY PEOPLE

Eye come to realize that my reflection is you, your reflection is me. Eye know there is an existance so Eye Am the existance. Eye Am nature..greetings to every blakem melanine being #blakisbeautiful

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