right! the audacity! the waiter said the owner doesn't allow it! maybe they think I want to steal their family's secret recipe 🙄 smh

In response Olivia Olivia to her Publication

who tf?! 🤯🤬

My dating range:

From whatever my age is currently
to, my current age+ 4 years.

Anything more or less is a recipe for disaster!

In response TheGarden Gnome to her Publication

LMAO. You thought I requested recipes and was shooting them down?

In response TheGarden Gnome to her Publication

Oh. Lmao. I was just asking because it was in quotes so I thought he was being funny. I didn't realize that's why I was getting recipes 🤭. That's funny lol.

In response May I Vent to her Publication

But why? Just curious. Last year, I didn’t have meat or sugar from Jan 2 to the middle of Jun. Only sugar I had was either a part of a recipe, excluding sweets and from fruits and veggies. This year, allowing myself some days…

In response TheGarden Gnome to her Publication

I’d assume that sweeping changes were made to the recipe. I don’t think the flavor profile or the color on my food is something I’d enjoy. Isn’t it just like a ranch with dragonfruit?

In response Keshia Grace to her Publication

my poor baby you want me to come cook something for you and the kids? I know a banging honey walnut shrimp recipe unless yall allergic in which case I can make a few other things

In response Deja Evelyn to her Publication

Have you got a recipe? Or is it just what I expect with an overnight oats base with the addition of chocolate and marshmallows?

In response TheGarden Gnome to her Publication

Hey, here’s the sweet potato pie recipe 🍠 but this isn’t vegan though 😕 it uses eggs & milk

@askalicia Can I get that sweet potato pie recipe please? I’ve been craving it real bad 😓

“Hey…you got a good fried chicken recipe?!” - Random Mexican Colleague

In response CoCo Lamb to her Publication

cause we're all on tiktok, YouTube and IG giving away all our recipes 😏😏

In response ree thedon to her Publication

honestly I saw it yesterday my friends had me CACKLING. 😭😭😂

everyone either had “wtf is this?” “no one asked for this”

or “new AIM away message” “brb downloading songs on Napster” “Hi, I’m Tom from MySpace” “we losing recipes” “I kinda rock with IG Teams” 😂

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