Cold meds are placebos. Make yourself some fire cider for cold & flu season. Check out my girl at Earthseed Detroit on YouTube for the recipe

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Please do share the rolls and cobbler recipe! 😋😋

I’m in a baking mood. Not even because I want to eat it but purely because I find it therapeutic and I want to try new recipes. I just don’t want a million baked goods in the kitchen though 😩

This weekend I’m experimenting with some new Coquito recipes. I wrote the recipes for the following flavors:

Coquito: Don Julio Strawberry Shortcake
Coquito: Lemon Sorbet
Coquito: Brooklyn Blackout Cake
Coquito: Henny White

Yes, there will be pics…

I think I’m finally going to take on some recipes from Great British Baking Show and Big Batches. I don’t want to see another pasta-anything on my plate.

I’m tired of this church.

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Each pay check I put money aside. I have a self care account for myself. Which I use for things for myself. When I run dry I always tell myself “we got Starbucks at home.” Someone leaked the recipes so I do make some stuff at home.

Bring on the recipes!

I was just gifted a prime rib and dunno what the hell to do with it! Never in life have I cooked a prime rib😩

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This is a trap cause I did not need to remind myself of a strawberry cornbread recipe I saw someone whip up.

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Been watching his now their videos since he was doing recipes on Youtube. It’s also nice to have seen the growth.

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

🤣 🤣 Sound like you been looking for it. How many people you ask about the recipe/concoction so far?

In response Just Deon to his Publication

Yo we need these recipes appreciate you for putting us on. Ima try out

AI Recipe Generator - Effortless meal planning

Just came across a recipe for sangria sorbet and now I need to go out and buy a blender…

I love Turkish bulgur rice & now that I’ve perfected the recipe, don’t play with me 😌

Every year on Cinco de Mayo I have something called a Super Margarita, which is a combination of Reposado, Mezcal, Anejo, Lime juice, agave syrup, and a Grand Manier float… Its a recipe I wrote and every year I try to see who’s able to make it. this bartender at Tio’s did it!

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