Thank you Queen for speaking truth! Much love and respect

I need my ppl especially my BROTHAS to understand that we are BUILT LIKE THAT. Start taking your training serious. Yt ppl gotta train YEARS for shxt that we can do in 2 days! You don’t know how strong & powerful you are bc you aren’t TRAINING. God was very intentional when he created US bc he knew folks was going to try it for no reason. & here we are falling for they trap. Stop that!

Happy #selfcaresaturday Ashira Tribe. You ARE the power. Own it!
In 711 AD an Islamic Moor named Umma Hakim fought alongside the great warrior Tariq Bin Ziyad (the battle scene is in Ashira's World: The Queen of Heaven Returns) to bring peace, love and unity to Spain, torn apart by the brutal tyranny of the Conquistadors.

How do we end war in nations, gangs, and families? Lay down our weapons. We can and will have peace if each of us takes these steps. It will spread from heart to heart.
#Africa #africandiaspora #blackowned #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blkem #Moors

In response Matthew Lewis to his Publication

I finally had the heart to watch "Women of the Movement" the heartbreak & fight of Queen Ms. Mamie Till...

We really couldn’t have said it better.

This is what we should strive for. Using what we know and building. We know we were kings and queens. We know we built many things. We know they hate us for a reason and we know we have all the information we need to build.
#blkem #B1

In response Chi ... to her Publication

Just do it Kings & Queens!?? lesson im still learning cause i struggle with self doubt, but just DO IT lol

Have a good night king and queens! If you see this tell me something good about your day! #positivevibesonly #Royalty #blkem #blackowned
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"He ??who finds a Wife?? will obtain favor from God"
?Men stop playing games and find yourself a Queen ? so both of you all can obtain some favor from God. Walk with a purpose while you're here on earth ? ?????????

?How are all you kings and queens out there today? Let me know what's going on in your life good or bad.

In response Site Admin to his Publication

Definitely. I know for me personally when i'm called a queen it makes me want to present myself as such- how i treat others, the way i talk, how i behave, how i advocate for our community etc. words hold power. tell a person they smell good & theyll want to be fresh all the time lol . call someone smart & theyll constantly seek knowledge to hold that title. & i think the same goes for king n queen. if we use it enough, more ppl might change certain ways about themselves to live up to the title?????

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