I can get use to this app. Love the progressiveness!!

Wish more people can utilize this platform as they say they would..smh

Dr. Umar Johnson - Good or Bad for Black People? Excuses or Progress on School? || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett Davon


Dr. Umar Johnson - Good or Bad for Black People? Excuses or Progress on School? - YouTube

African American leader and pan Africanist Dr Umar Johnson was recently on the Breakfast Club. Let's talk about what he said. Share questions via cash app: $...

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Key word..."just a start". Once we fix the issues, we have some progressive updates coming!!

We look at the progress made to run the racist establishment's gatekeepers out of power.

5-9-2021: Ousting The Gatekeepers - YouTube

We look at the progress made to run the racist establishment's gatekeepers out of power.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheBlackCha...

I turned $900 into over $4,200 in less than 6 months INVESTING (not trading). Keep sleeping on actually investing, if you want. I'm headed on vacation with it. S.H.I.F.T in Progress!

Team android here...lol..I really can't wait to beta test the mobile application. Since I signed up, i've seen some progress with this platform that many others are lacking. Even though they're unique in their own way, I think a platform that empowers the people is one that should be pushed to the forefront.

The ability to collaborate and get the job done, no matter what it takes. If we all can put aside our individuality for once and be on the same page with Black Empowerment, we can seriously make things happen.


We love keeping you all updated. We believe in transparency because it keeps us honest and it helps us grow!

Beta Android - Currently pending review in the Play Store. Normally takes 1 - 2 business days for completion. Beta App will not be public, so those who emailed us will get invite.

Beta iOS - Currently waiting to be pushed to the App Store. After it has been uploaded, it takes at least 7 business days for review completion. Apple is more stringent with the review process, so please bear with us!


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Facebook/Instagram, YT, Snapchat, Twitter etc would NEVER put a zero tolerance on racism because it’s bad for business. 

This is why...we need to utilize platforms that do and one’s that’s focused on taking care of our issues and building at the same time. 

So....there’s no need to quit all social media’s, just facilitate the ones that’s built for you!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 

Tell your friends and family to join Blkem as well


Limited Understanding and Scientific Progress || Noam Chomsky


Limited Understanding and Scientific Progress | Noam Chomsky - YouTube

Noam Chomsky on Limited Understanding and Scientific Progress

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Reasoning with them is futile as these ideologies are part of who they are. 

So...there’s still work to be done. There’s still rights that are being violated. There are still Black people that are being incarcerated. There’s still our brothers and sisters being enslaved and killed, just because their skin color doesn’t align with white supremacy and so on! 

So we cannot become complacent!!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 


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Yes...woke is a cool slang to publish or post on our content, feed or anything social but how cool it actually is when all that wokeness, still doesn't change our reality.  

Be woke, do the work! 

Gravity Roots Progress! 


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Many of our folks, even though spiritual, fail to see logics..a common sense approach to what we need to do in order to progress forward, not backward. Fail to see the amount of information we have access to, now, that we didn't before.  

We know the solutions for acquiring our first car, utilizing natural remedies to relieve our sickness, attaining our degrees, locking down a position with a notable company, getting a spot on a football team, being creative with our culture and going viral....ALL of which requires work.  



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Using Black Empowerment for your own self-interest is disheartening and diabolical, as it does nothing to further our progress but does everything to further the progress of those who hate us.   
We are willing to work with people, who see the clear path on how we can achieve our liberation. If not our liberation, then our solidified foundation.  


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Progress is definitely what this app is about!

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