There needs to be a podcast limit going into the new year because some of y’all are just talking just to hear yourself talk. You not making sense at all and on top of that you are spreading misinformation.

Accuracy over attention should be the goal

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Rome Streetz's "Noise Kandy 5" Album Review.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Toxic Podsitivity

One of the podcast I was listening to called Just heal and she was talking about how healing literally makes you become uninterested in literally everyone and everything

Girl Just heal by Neimoya Basden..

Listen to her podcast

In response Dee Wall to her Publication

Literally called google podcast. An app in google play.
I was struggling to find new and different podcast

Ive discovered the google version of podcasts & I am so geeked

In response Max Erin James to his Publication

I thought I recognized that sexy voice. Well done @Clarene Didn't know you were on Google Podcasts too. Maybe now I can keep up.

Pretty much the same advice I shared on this week's episode of Ernest Thoughts Podcast.

I don't just get on the mic and start saying shit.

I actually apply the advice to myself.

In response Sakomufo to her Publication

Have you reached out to Roland Martin, Media One, Rashad Richey of Indisputable on TYT, or Michael Harriot of The Griot Podcast? I'm sure they would cover it. Rock Newman and Karen Hunter have far reaching platforms. I'd even go to the BBC, The Guardian Marc Lamont Hill on AL Jazeera and Democracy Now and Vice News will do an in depth. Trust me, the rest of white media will catch up when you create the buzz. Honestly, It's we who need to know the info. You need to move in stealth with the rest. Let them get informed when the verdict comes out.

Might bring back interviews on the Ernest Thoughts Podcast, idk.

Might just start a separate podcast for all of that, idk.

We'll see how I feel.

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