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I suck at math too, but even so, one of the first things I learned was how to count money, partly because I had to be independent early on and I went through the crack era. Physical money is easy. These days, we spend money we don’t see. I didn’t see a dollar the entire pandemic.

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Well, my last situation occured was at the beginning of the pandemic. An old “friend,” or so I thought decided I was it for her. She spend the next 9 months trying to ”humble me.” I realized it was more about her bringing me down to where she felt she was. Energy is too valuable.

They say guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Well, the more people with guns, the more people will get killed.

More Guns is the Cause of Violent Crime, Not the Pandemic or Economy

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Wonder what people are dying of then? Read today a 24 year old vaccine hesitant man who caught Covid and had to have a double lung transplant as a result. It's an awful roll of the dice to believe the world is involved in a conspiracy. How would a real pandemic be any different?

#kenya Woman is being awarded by WHO, for helping over 1000 women to give birth during pandemic ;
Man makes masks to Bricks,
Woman divorces her man to marry holy spirit

#africanparliament election suspended after days of disorder

#Nigeria more kidnappings

#ivorycoast ex president plans to come back

#Mali #ecowas suspension and sanctions over second military cup ,
Military releases Prime Minister, President under unknown conditions

#senegal president is being bashed for buying new yet, amid pandemic

Wins african beach soccer cup

2/2020: Followed God's orders to finish my internship early
3/2020: Covid-19 pandemic strikes
5/2020: I Master’d It!????
8/2020: Commencement gets canceled and I watch my name go across a screen for an online ceremony
5/2021: After patiently waiting, I GOT MY MOMENT! (I Thank God)

I'm performing this Friday for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. I've been practicing for months and Im excited to finally have a show.

President Biden promised to support programs and initiatives that would help Latino businesses recover after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in virtual remarks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Nothing for Black Democrats who voted for him and had his back putting him in the white house.

Biden Pledges To Support Latino Businesses: 'It Isn't Easy To Hang A Closed Sign On A Dream'

President Biden promised to support programs and initiatives that would help Latino businesses recover after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in virtu...

Weirdly enough, I was thriving at the beginning of the pandemic. Started to learn the piano, learned how to sew and sold masks, worked out (almost) everyday... All that energy is loooooong gone now ?

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Yesss, the show was canceled for a while due to the pandemic, but it finally came back!????

If you want to support a black author, I'm posting my book as a weekly newsletter to generate revenue. I'm a nonbinary person, unemployed by the pandemic. I'm also a stage musician, though I play a wind instrument so public shows aren't open to me yet. The first 4 letters are already posted, and the monthly subscription is $7/month, $70/year. Because of the length of my project, this may end up being multiple physical books. There are 10 multicultural queer main characters and mythical creatures.

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"organized procrastinator" lmaoo. University is already hard so I can only imagine during this pandemic but I'm rooting for you! You got this!

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Gurl I am a organized procrastinator ? Like I wake up and say: " I have to do this " but I take to long ? I think it was been worse because I didn't had a real rest from Uni...
I was so active before the pandemic

it was always rare to see another black person at the gymnastics centre, pre-pandemic, but when we got together, it was LIVE ?

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