We came across this documentary/movie last night and wanted to share the importance of such movie. If you haven't see it, we highly suggest to take some time and watch. "Mully" is based out of Kenya. Take away from this movie..self-sustainment, ownership, hope and unwavering because there are other people that genuinely need our help domestic and foreign.

This is why, self-sustainment is truly important because the need to be dependent on this system of white supremacy will wither away. Your goal is bigger than just you. Each One, Teach One.

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What happens when a six-year-o..

In response Dave Loki to his Publication

We need to see our Black brothers and sisters as our ACTUAL brothers and sisters instead of just another person because if this had happened to one of them, we'd be making more noise.

We talk about "If anything happens to my family"..well..Black people with no relations are STILL our family and when circumstances such as these arise, the family thing to do is open up and don't be silent.

Put pressure on these investigative organizations to DO THEIR JOB. Better yet, create our OWN investigative organization!

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Why the continuous creation of divide? This is one of the weak areas in our community. Imagine if we just put it aside for one second and focus on what can make us stronger, locally and internationally!

Let's work together!!

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A debate can be healthy without all the disrespect.

If our message do not align with each other, then we can find ways to work on that and NOT be disrespectful. If you have more experience in a subject area, then let's talk about it.

We are NOT illiterates.

Whatever we agree on, we should be working on those things. We seem to find soo much energy on what we don't agree on when that energy could be utilized for our benefit like economic empowerment!

#blkem #onelove #B1

So a while back i was back up north in Chicago and i helped the youth department in Midlothian, IL with a creative mural piece . My Concept was for the Dr. Seuss Idea and i am glad to say i was apart of something postive at least . One step at a time we can make it positve if we work with each other and drive that creative spirit in all directions. I am glad to see that it was brought to fruition .

Thank you all for participating in the Support 3 Businesses Challenge. We will be posting the businesses we are going to support shortly. Please, do not be dissappointed if you have not been selected. We will be doing the challenge again soon! Remember, this challenge not only focuses on support but also awareness of the black businesses that are around. #adminpost #onelove #buyblack

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