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Big news doesn't happen every day. Watching it all the time is just depressing. We already know what's happening. Racism sexism homophobia financial and educational oppression disenfranchisement etc.

Y’all can keep letting the news purposely stress y’all out..

Got the insight I should avoid the news the next few days, so I might live on this ap pa little heavy. 😮‍💨 I missed y’all anyway.

Y’all gotta understand that it is literally their job to write our history books. Therefore it’s their duty to create fake news that’ll get the country riled up so our children & childrens children have something new to learn about in school. Our kids can’t learn about Jim Crow & emancipation forever lol. They need new events to record in history

#roevwade was overturned by a group of mostly White men. This will mostly affect Black women and women of color. I try to stay off the news because I don't need to know every bs thing going on but this one hurts.

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This is great news. Congratulations and wishing you the many success that you deserve!!

I haven’t been on for a minute. Here’s some light hearted news: I gave my 2yr old niece her first taste of cheesecake today and she liked it!! Still ain’t call me auntie but we’ll get there 🥺

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I am day late ⏰….but I am watching the news 📰….

How the Black Codes 👉🏿Limited👈🏿 African American Progress After the Civil War
The black codes effectively continued enslavement for African Americans by restricting their rights and exploiting their labor. #Blackstudytime

Oakland County teacher on leave after assignment depicts Barack Obama alongside https://www.clickondetroit...

Payton Gendron, Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In OTHER news, I return to work next week after recovering from surgery for the past five weeks. Three more years and I can retire.

Burnout looms large over violence interrupters as cities look for alternatives to policing

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This have been an ongoing issue have covered this on a few occasions. Even though transitioning away from Twitter this thread should be of interest. There is nothing new the way this system move. It is us that keep falling for the traps of trinkets shiny things that help many of us stay politically ignorant and compete against each other that help make room for shit like this to take hold. Here is the thread

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