Stallion’s Wonderland 🤯🌺
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I’m actually in LOVE with this.
Amazing things happen when my imagination runs wild 💫

Then them letting me move back in just to save is amazing 😫. So , I can finish up finding me a house.

what countries are on your travel bucket list for 2023?


In response Raleigh TurksFirst to his Publication

Marketing to nations closer to whiteness. Technically there are Latin countries where black people live. Panama for example. The DR is Latin/Hispanic as well. Still, the lighter the skin, the more marketing they get

😡😡now I tolerate ALOT! and I’m healed and namaste and all that..but chikfila slander is where I draw the line! show some decorum!!!😠

I’ve been to Costa Rica, Panama, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Norway, Germany, parts of Canada. I feel like I’m missing some shit. I’ve never been to Mexico and I think that’s next.

Latino and non black are not the same. People from DR, Cuba, Brazil, Panama have hella black people. Tessa Thompson is 100% Latin

are we letting Latino/Spanish ppl in ? cause if not I have a confession

#drc #congo military attacks ,
People displaced by volcano are left alone by government

#chad accuses #centralafricanrepublic of killing 6 soldiers

#somaliland parlamental elections

#southsudan UK cuts aid for emergency food

#ethiopia ongoing war

#Namibia is not to accept Germanys money offer because of genocide in the past
#nama chef is not being heard

#southafrica protestors want prostitution to be decriminalised

#Africa #africanews #africannews #panafrican #everydayafrica #africaunite #exploreafrica

Article from Al Jazeera,, face2faceafr

In response Reaghan Costner to her Publication

TO Helllll with the ChinaMan At this point..... ?????... in gambia africa they BURNED DOWN A CHINESE SHRIMP FACTORY & Police Station .. its WAR , & THE US OF A IS TRYING TO ROCK BLACK FOLK TO SLEEP ??

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