Thanks. We have a full episode on the Black Expat experience dropping next Tuesday.

Heyyyyy 🥰😘💜🥳

I'm just really excited to be here and look forward to freely expressing myself and meeting new people!!

s/o to whoever created this space for us 🖤

"Through GIP, the FBI used more than 7000 people to infiltrate poor black communities in the United States" 1967–1973" Ghetto Informant Program via Wikipedia #Blackknowledgetime #blackawareness

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Every single time. It time we capitalize on our Blackness for the community

Yup..same thing we are saying. We been enduring hope for so long, hope became our comfort now these people are using it as empowerment

my kids donor called today and its really sad all he ever wants to talk about is how he misses me 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ hes all the way in California basically in the same position he was in last year and 2018 🤦🏾‍♀️. im glad my kids have me.

What does it mean to be Black abroad?

The experience varies from country to country and our guest Juanita Ingram tells us about what she's learned about race, family and herself, while filming her Amazon Prime docuseries The Expats: International Ingrams. #thatsthescenario #travel #BlackExpat #BlackRadio #BlackPeopleTravelToo

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and what the hell even is "enduring hope"? Hope that what? I just.....

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Abbott is trying to do this in Texas by killing any gun protections that may exist in the state. Clearly arming crazy, racist white people is a good move, until it spills over and the people who feel they have nothing to lose are shooting back.

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They’re always going to be mad. They don’t have legitimate arguments. They’re out here thinking that people have the right to bear arms, when it’s the state that has the right to maintain a well armed militia to keep the enslaved people from revolting…

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