Free to OWN assets purchase liabilites without paying the biggest mob in the world (IRS)?

Free from Racial Profiling and Government sanctioned murder from the original Slave Patrol?

Free to Decide what's best for our bodies without forced vaccination and taking
away abortion r

Hey Blkem Fam! what we up to? it has been a sad week so far with the murders of our people. What say ye? I am heartbroken myself. Innocent lives of my people were taken by a young evil WS. I just am still in shock. ...

May they rest in complete peace and power. Di yall know the security guard that was murdered by that yt boi was working on his invention of a water-powered car? Just a big loss...

Slavery, Masters and Servants in the Bible

In today's context, when people think of master and slave, they think white man with a whip beating an African against a tree, raping a Black woman at their pleasure, and buying and selling people like livestock. Unfortunately, this was a reality during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade at the founding of America. But none of these things were done in the Bible even in the most rigorous times of bondage. No where in the Bible does it say that slaves were beaten with whips, murdered by the millions or raped, burned alive or hung from trees.

epistemic extractivism

- europeans invade non-european lands

- learn new and advanced technologies

- murder indigenous knowledge keepers and burn any written records

- plagiarize and claim white origins of all knowledge

imagine millions of people

living on this continent

for over 100,000 years

then one day hostile invaders arrive

kidnap and murder them

and tell the survivors

that their language and culture is nonsense

He said we’re either going to spread the message, are we are going to “SPREAD” the virus ...

Proceeds go say , THE SKY IS FALLING & the only thing that can save you is a jab ?... ( interesting)


How can any healthcare worker hear something like this and still be OK with murdering people.. the jab is obviously Working its INFECTED THE BRAIN of some ppl .They cant read under , between, or over the lines

“ convince people” or BRAINWASH PPL ?????!

You don’t think they know that people aren’t going to be free willingly letting people ta

In response April Wright to her Publication

whats the difference between a real PLANdemic or a fake one,??

theyre giving ppl a rna virus and the lipids filled with nano bots xx

i broke this news wayy last year how TRANSHUMANISM is the objective .! ppl are dying bc they ARE INFECTING & murdering folks

In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

The concept is called subliminal action they are trying to program the new generation of blacks and people to engage in the idealistic theory of black being less than and never equal to...the evidence that it works is the self hate and murder in our community by our own people

Police murdering people is a business to most corporations...

This is attempted murder "with intent" but he was afforded a 10k bail amount and released until the Black Community started to make noise.?

They rearrested him and requested bail amount of 100k. The prosecutor's office "was shocked" about the prior amount...go figure!!?

How are we able to prevent these things from happening to us, if we continue to put our fight on pause, just so we can help someone else, with theirs? And when they succeed..for example.."Asian Hate Crime Bill"..we are back to the square one.?

Continued in comments...

#blkem #blackfirst

An Asian man, Ryan Le-Nguyen, in Ypsilanti, Michigan shoots a 6 year-old Black child who, thank Allah, survived!

This mf is out of jail on a $10K bond. Make it make sense!!! Why is his bond even that low after an attempted murder.

Now he's claiming self-defense. Against a 6 year old???

All talk of reparations for the 3 Black folks involved in the Tulsa Massacre is over after an offer of $100,000 to each person was denied by the family.

AS THEY SHOULD!! What the fuck is $100K for a 100 year old MURDER. That clrealy isnt enough.

The family is now asking $50 MILLION, as they should.

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