We hope everyone is doing well and we thank those who continue to make the effort, to engage on the timeline, knowing that we are still building the foundation to where Blkem will "evolve" from

Even with low activity on the timeline, Blkem is on the way to "differentiate" from the rest, which will put more eyes on us. Something, that has NEVER been done before, even amongst the other Black Owned Networks out there.

Blkem's model will be shifting to an Ecosystemic approach, moving forward.

The idea is still in its primitive stage...

#blkem #blkemecosystem

Black men have been robbed of their youth, parental figures and healthy role models. Whether it be lynching, drugs, jail or other forms of violence. Black men are coping with abandonment and improper teachings. Black men need healing and safe spaces.

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Also, modeling after CNN? CNN is white owned. We are a minority. Why not model after another successful minority channel like Univision? Tgere’s just a lot to unpack in this situation. Hopefully some lessons are learned.

1991-1994 Special Report: Black Supermodels


Perception of the supermodel as an industry has been frequent inside and outside the fashion press, from complaints that women desiring this status become un...

Reyna Love, model and budding actress, stopped by to discuss her latest project, Secret Society. The film is one of the top-watched movies on Amazon Prime. We chat with her about her journey into the film industry and much more.

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not gonna lie, now that im sober, my friend and i were the only two Black Women at the music video and the white gurlfriend of the Black artist whose video it was kept trying to make excuses for why she wanted to switch us out with other models multiple times. ima wait for the video to come out to see if she had them cut us out of scenes or if im just overthinking before i say something. in private of course but like dang gurl why even approve specific models if you were going to be moving weird like that.

Exposing Model Minorities and the Anti Asian Propaganda Myth

Exposing Model Minorities and the Anti asian propaganda myth - YouTube

Articles written by asians to asians on why they need to stop accepting the model minority myth. Pew research discussing advantages asians have over other "...

I'm paying attention to all of our older generation dying off. All of our role models & heroes are dying. Meaning we're up next. Let's come together & leave a memory that'll be forever talked about. My goal is to have a whole chapter in the next Bible ?

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STOP YOURE SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL UGH!!! girl be my hair model for these pls!!!

real shit tho i do have a brand and i hand screen print/embroider each tee and we print on heavyweight 7.5 ounce tees i do have a collection coming out soon maybe check me outmodelbehaviorus my insta/twitter isiammikeroots

#Sunday CookOut Conversation ~

Feeling inspired to reflect on WHO Black Entrepreneurs choose as Models and Faces for their OWN BRANDS.

Dark, Light, White skin: what your adverts say about your brand?

Where do they put their money? Which audience respond to their campaigns?

Appointment at 7PM (London GMT) on Sunday 21st

Campaign: PHLEUR Serum by Phyllisia Ross
Male model: Stevenson Jean
Owner & Model: Phyllisia Ross
Swimsuit: Dose of Mi
Photographer: Island Boi Photography (Joey Rosado)

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Financial Advisor ?/Entrepreneur ?/Motivational Speaker ?/Artist ?/Model ?

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