Misinformation Campaign is starting out successfully I fear…

In response TheGarden TheGarden to her Publication

wait how? I feel attacked like queen naija 😂


me fleeing the country after successfully receiving my payout for spreading the news about the rico case per an undisclosed client :

This is what a Blue Check with 74k followers posted on Twitter. Misinformation from people who have a huge following is detrimental to progress.

So we have to make sure they are align with the Black community and not under the guise of other influence!!

In response Destinee Jordyn to his Publication

EXACTLY!!! reported that tweet for spreading misinformation. shit like that could literally get our space shut down.

everyone go to twitter and report this as misinformation. the YTs are trying hella hard. then again twitter doesn’t have a security team anymore, oh

I’m playing I am not a skinny king… I apologize for misinformation

In a world full of misinformation and confusion, we like to ask questions first. Especially with topics as sensitive as this. No major outlet has talked about it and it continues to show the disparity in how the league and women’s sports are viewed.
These large platforms have easy and instant access to confirm, deny, or investigate. And that’s how we plan to use our platform.
But they’re silent and aside from us, there are people who are actually concerned. We’re here to deliver, and just like everyone else. #WeJustWantTheFacts #ReadBeforeYouReach
#CappiePondexter #ChicagoLegend #WNBALege

Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett Davon #Covid19 #misinformation


Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man - YouTube

Dr. Dr Emmanuel C Ohuabunwa, Graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Yale Medical school, will be debating and discussing the corona virus, the new strains,...

It's Legit (I tried it myself). I in no way shape or form would intentionally put out misinformation or anything sketchy, especially to my people. If you have Instagram, you can reach out to him yourself (@DetroitCharlie1). Please share with anyone who it might be beneficial to as well...

Random Thought: But as I'm sitting here going through my grad school application I just wish that we could finally grow past this "if we don't tell kids they won't know" stage. Kids know! I was a child & I knew. You were a child & you knew. Your kids know! Educating kids on topics that we look at as "too advanced" or think "they'll try it" is better than letting their friends educate them and your child now receiving misinformation that could potentially harm them in someway.

So lets GROW UP! Yall decided to be parents and parenting includes tough conversations, even if you don't enjoy the

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

You see something that I fail to see. Actually I think it is not even there except in the imagination, misinformation or misnterpretation.
You are attributing the actions, procedures and policies of INDIVIDUALS to a legal system of regulations or lawsbut I challenge the veacity of that statement.

Redlining is not a SYSTEMIC issue, as it is a tactic used ILLEGALLY by individuals or companies. There are laws agaisnt it, so it could not be systemeic. The system, in fact, is arrayed against it.

What voting laws exclude whom? I know of no such law. Any law that excludes Blacks also

EXCERPT: Here we are again.

Sifting through the garbage of questionable journalism that’s seems to be focused more on sensationalism than sincerity. There's no such thing as news when you’re being fed a steady diet of tragedy, misinformation, and outrage. Watching the world fragment around me as people try to take sides on a circle. No sides exist. Only the continuity of life. We've entered a vehicle already in motion. We get one chance to do something with the tools We’ve been given. We either build, or we tear down. So many willfully choose the path of destruction?

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