Africa News

#togo inaugurated west africas biggest solar plant
#Uganda 200 street vendors have been arrested because of covid restrictions

#somalia elections in October

#sudan peace talks in Khartoum

African womens handball cup Cameroon against#angola

Military under attack

Africas Presidents:

#southafrica ex president has been jailed

#mauritania ex president has been jailed

#ivorycoast ex president returned to his native village

#Nigeria Buhari flies to England for a medical visit

#gabon President urges unity among the populatio

wow, this is constantly on my mind. i just found out about King Atlas the founder of Mauritania and the Eye of Africa. And like 95% of everyone in the States has little to no knowledge of the Barbary Wars.

"Tell the children the truth."--Bob Marley

thinking about white washed history still being taught in schools and how Black historians and historians of color should get together and rewrite history books so the kids can stop being cheated out of a true education

Replied to Zee Dayo's Post

its a semantic argument. Moors (myself included) would argue that there are no "black people", because black is an adjective that 1. etymologically, actually means pale 2. is a legal fiction which strips people of rights in the U.S. and other jurisdictions with this status 3. is a form of "paper genocide" used to disconnect us from ties to actual landmasses. Instead Moors identify with the ancient and modern civilizations who were known as Moors, Muurs, Mauritanians, Moros, etc.

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