In response Max Erin James to his Publication

I’m glad you’re finally seeing the benefits in marketing /self-promotion & allowing yourself to be seen

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

right. it’s strong branding. which is a huge facet of marketing.

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

I guess. They do well with marketing but I don't see being late to features as marketing

In response Max Erin James to his Publication

Apple are marketing geniuses tho, you have to give em that. What they good at is taking an option we have on android, and introducing it as a feature on the next Apple device. Then they talk shit to us about some new feature they got and it's like uhh we have an app for that

In response Tangela Small to her Publication

hi, what do you have questions about regarding marketing?

Does anyone here have a small business with tips they could share on marketing ?!

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Marketing to nations closer to whiteness. Technically there are Latin countries where black people live. Panama for example. The DR is Latin/Hispanic as well. Still, the lighter the skin, the more marketing they get

In response Raleigh TurksFirst to his Publication

It’s called marketing and affordability but please feel free to elaborate.

R. Kelly really dropped an album and called it "I Admit It."

Good marketing. Everyone tempted to play those three tracks at the end. I'm good 🤷🏽‍♂️

Teaching myself digital marketing these next few months and honestly just meeting more people to build a network because I’ve seen what a good network can do for a person

Cousins, 2023 is near.

We know that there are going to be EXPECTED surprises and UNEXPECTED surprises going forward.

Does anyone have any set goals, improvements, etc for 2023 and beyond?

#blkem #blkemblocks

well, if I’m going to spend a nice chunk of time on the app, I might as well be a resource. if you have brand development of marketing questions, I’m more than happy to help- unless you’re a sports or cybersecurity brand, then I might have to slide you an invoice 😉#theXPbrand

In response Sa’Nya Jonay to her Publication

anything but the fashion marketing industry. i do not fw anything marketing 😭😭😭

I laugh at how I somehow slide football, information security or sports marketing into every interaction I have. I could be talking to a 2 y.o., next thing you know I’m thinking about her future athletic career and the security posture of the brands she’ll partner with lol. #NIL

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