In response Reggie Haynes to his Publication

We had a chance to visit London and the environment is definitely different.

Watch the whole video and check out their socials and you'll discover that #vitaelondon are really helping to create the change we want to see more of in the world.

"Vitae London’s goal is to combine classic and beautiful design with social justice. Their stylish watches don’t break the bank, but each one sold makes a huge difference to children in Africa whose limited access to school uniform and other basic equipment is an obstacle to enriching their experience in education."

Brand story:
#blackowned #SocialJustice #watch #jewellery

Going LIVE, alone, 30 minutes before the meeting with our Guests #Saturday at 6:30pm - London GMT

You can ask any questions or You can ignore the 1000 poses I will strike for more

Making the most of that make-up #DontJudgeME

TWO Guests confirmed for our Facebook & Instagram #LIVE ?

Check out Finnlondon It's a UK black owned Neobank (I have been waiting for something like this to be created for years). Consider this to be our own version of monzo/revolut. It's looking to be launched later this year.

Do your research on Finn and those behind it and hopefully you come to the same conclusion I have, that this is looking promising and more of us need to hear about this and jump on board.

If you also want to join the waiting list click on the following link:
#blackownedbanking #INVEST #fintech #fubu #uk #london

Check out this mapped directory of black owned eateries across london. It has 300+ eats now and counting. Each eatery has been categorised to make it easier for you to find somewhere local & the cuisine you are craving whether it’s Caribbean, West African, European etc. Vegans I haven’t forgot you! Green icons represent Vegan only eats. There are also halal & vegetarian filters. Feel free to submit any listings you know of.

For more info:
For updates and reviews:
#blackowned #food #london #uk #blackeatsldn #fubu

In response Reaghan Costner to her Publication

Yh that part thats why I said supposed lol but here in the uk we only make up 4% of which is mainly found in London so if you dont broaden your horizons and travel you really can feel like you are at times.

Im booked for a Hotel in London and supposedly will be working with WIZKID STARBOY....Stay TUNED

#Sunday CookOut Conversation ~

Feeling inspired to reflect on WHO Black Entrepreneurs choose as Models and Faces for their OWN BRANDS.

Dark, Light, White skin: what your adverts say about your brand?

Where do they put their money? Which audience respond to their campaigns?

Appointment at 7PM (London GMT) on Sunday 21st

Campaign: PHLEUR Serum by Phyllisia Ross
Male model: Stevenson Jean
Owner & Model: Phyllisia Ross
Swimsuit: Dose of Mi
Photographer: Island Boi Photography (Joey Rosado)

Uplink 35: Illusion and our Trickable Minds with Richard Wiseman and Laura London

Join me, my band Brassroots and 3 of the most tralented MCs I've ever had the honor of working with. The Hip Hop Geezer himself Blak Twag, Tubby Boy, and K9 as we debut my new night Brass & Bars! Live streaming at 7PM London UK time.

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