Happy Kwanzaa Tribe & Family????.#IMANI #Faith . NEVER STOP having faith in your REALLL CREATOR . Always show gratitude & LOVE to the ones who were there for you No matter what .. #Ase #GAS

Day 6 of Kwanzaa: Kuumba (Creativity). I used POSCA Paint Markers for the first time and they actually weren’t bad at all. I used them to paint on a 9x12 canvas. I need more practice with them though and buy pens with bigger nibs to cover large areas faster. Happy Kwanzaa! #kwanzaaart #africanamericanculture #poscapens #poscamarkers #canvaspainting #happyholidays

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In response Ray Deezie to her Publication

The word “Kwanzaa” comes from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which means “first fruit.” Karenga chose the name because he envisioned Kwanzaa as an American branch of First-Fruit celebrations common to many African cultures. Traditional First-Fruit celebrations are held when the new season’s crops ripen, which, in the southern hemisphere, occurs in December or early January.

Observed from December 26 to January 1 each year, Kwanzaa was created in 1966, by civil right activist Ron Karenga, as a way “to give Black people an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history,” by uniting in meditation and study around African traditions around principles.

1. Kwanzaa is less than 60 years old.
2. Many people celebrate both Kwanzaa and Christmas.
3. Kwanzaa centers around seven principles.
4. Homemade and educational gifts are encouraged.
5. U.S. presidents habitually wish the nation a happy Kwanzaa.

Umoja (Unity)
Kujichagulia (Self-Determ

Today is Kujichagulia and the second oday of Kwanzaa. Lets make sure that withing thisday, we practice our divine rght to think and create in ways that'll push not only our self-awareness and our power, but to uplift and continue to build within our communities.

Pre-Kwanzaa Turnup for you and the family...

“We got up and were doing the electric slide, and Betty was carrying on like crazy. She said to the instructor, “We need to do something else. I know how to do the electric slide and she’s doing ok. What else you got?” - Myrlie Evers on Dr. Betty Shabazz #ForBetty #ClickTheLinkInMyBio for the full mix and a quick history lesson on the god. #ForBetty #DrBettyShabazz #GoodMusic #KwanzaaTurnup #CommandTheNarrative #BlackStoriesMatter #BlackScholarsMatter

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