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aint going anywhere NO TIMR SOON😌ill be putting my grand kids on
(one day ) lmao🤣

Hey guys, remember back in the day about maybe 10 years ago, these CRAZY white folks used to commit crimes and blame it on "A BLACK MAN DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Remember that CRAZY white woman who killed her kids and threw them in the lake and then tried to blame it ALL on "A BLACK MAN DID IT" and the Police Captain, Chief, or Seargent of that city could see that she was lying because her story had too many holes in it and it just didn't add up!!!

If I remember correctly, the mother ended up having mental problems!!!!!!!

THESE CRAZY WHITE FOLKS have been doing this shyt for centuries!!

aayyeee! just gi to the rink while the kids at school! most rinks let you skate in no entry fee because you have skates

apps are alright, but all the cool kids are developing D'Apps lulz 🤓

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Fr i can see how it would be hard but at the same time i just hope that this platform get big fast cos its about time we drop twitter and stop giving free content to non blacks. i can see the vision in this but an app would largely help.

Imagine if everyone went to work loving what their job title consists of & actually take pride in the job title that they wanted to be since they were kids.. It'll be better everything. Better service, better results, people will have more patience..#IfEyeRuledTheWorld

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same here but i dont play with anyone so i just have been too invested in this minecraft world i was making 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 the kids always wanted me to play with them and the creative part got addicted 😪

Yt ppl are moving to Africa, having kids in Africa and are calling themselves Africans don't sit well with me and my ancestors.#YallAreObsessed#SeekTherapy

thinking about white washed history still being taught in schools and how Black historians and historians of color should get together and rewrite history books so the kids can stop being cheated out of a true education

my aunt is having her baby tonight and I'm so happy. we're two weeks apart and we're the last ones to have kids so I'm excited

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Indeed. They know something we don't. They colonized our ancestors and stole their identity and reengineer it to make it seem like they were the first. We have to push past this hate and continue to effectively build. Our kids are going to inherit this if we choose not to do anything about it!

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Many times we are forced to leave. Like literally forced or subtley by increasing the rent gradually.. They care not about the lack of resources our kids lack in schools, essential stores we dont have access to in our areas, many store fronts that could be teansitioned into black businesses are left trashed and abandoned .. They want us to stay powerless.. the lack of funds and support...

Technology got kids failing horribly in schools. They're texting so much that they get caught up in class spelling the words out how they be texting ppl 🤦🏾‍♂️😂. If you have kids stay on them about this technology, it's making them more lazier than ever. Put em to work manually lol

im getting random ft calls from white kids who have no homework or lives and they need they ass spanked . why are yall playing on my phoneeeee

#TheYoungBlackPantherParty The young black panther party is not a organization or nonprofit organization we are a team that's going to help out the black community and black businesses and help young black kids to get them out of trouble so they can be smart because they are our future

This shit is disgusting. Got the kids in the house, just don't give one fuck.

Good morning all!! For our Queens out there, please be safe. If you're going through a Domestic Violence situation, please take the necessary steps and actions to keep yourself and/or your kids safe.

It's no joke when the unpredictable happens. If all the signs are there, seek assistance immediately. Do not hesitate.

Another day on this earth is a blessing!!


Woman Who Reported Domestic Violence Gets The Surprise Of Her Lifetime - YouTube

Woman Who Reported Domestic Vi..

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