Anyone invested in the #stockmarket ? I own a lot of #Blackownedstocks especially Banks. I live in #Arkansas and there isn't a single #blackowned Bank. That was not an accident either.

Hello every one today I invested in buying an orange plant ruby red grape fruit and clementine. I will be plantng them in my front lawn. Sometimes it's good to get the natural fruit instead of bottled.

If you're invested in Crypto/Bitcoin, you are supporting white supremacy...

hey family anyone invested in safemoon? i've been trying & can not get it

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same here but i dont play with anyone so i just have been too invested in this minecraft world i was making ?????? the kids always wanted me to play with them and the creative part got addicted ?

Going to Cali next week to go see one of my Queens. Had to let one go because she was not building for the tribe so now we are looking for our second Queen! We invested in our own land to raise our own Community and tribe off grid life! Back to the Earth Aboriginal and American Native indigenous lifestyle!


Buying from #blackowned businesses doesn't mean anything UNLESS that money is being reinvested into the community. The money that touches these businesses never circulate in the community. Black business owners, this should be a wake-up call to begin REALLY reinvesting into black communities aka the hood.

I don't mean giving back to churches or giving back to schools, I mean actively giving back to the community in ways that the community can see change. From having roads paved to investing in programs that teach black youth their true history. #blackempowerment

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I invested in learning to automate my business so I could take more self-care days while helping my fellow Black community out of poverty, financial insecurity, and suffering. It's overwhelming being a Black woman in 2021 especially if you are strong, caring, a mother or just truly self-aware. Probably take more time to mentally recalibrate than anything these days. Know your truth and prioritize it. S.H.I.F.T in Progress! #OurSpace

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I had to invest in Clubhouse this morning.
I would much rather have invested in this platform

Starting your day off with talking to God is time WELL INVESTED??
Good Morning Everyone ?
We're discussing the stimulus check and the investing strategies to prepare to implement with it!

FYI: Could of made $600 of that first stimulus into $2k by now had folks invested it instead of putting it into scam flowers

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FYI: Could of made $600 of that first stimulus into $2k by now had folks invested it instead of putting it into scam flowers

Stop gambling with your future and INVEST. The time factor may be annoying BUT it's worth the wait. I have a $700+ (230%)profit from $300 left in a brokerage account we don't use. This investment I made 8 months ago and had to do NOTHING for it but wait.

We were encouraging people to follow suit on a number of moves during the first stimulus. Instead people were ignoring and joining flower scams. How much longer will it take to make the advice w

This year like so many invested a lot into getting more personal fitness equipment for home use. One of the biggest purchases we made were 3 garmin watches. These were just over a $1k purchase. You can see the watches reflect our company' logos.

Why does that matter?
Number 1 we had photos taken of us last month while at an event and the image on one of our watches was captured as clear as day in the photo.
Secondly, these now become MARKETING expenses for the year. That's a $1k tax deduction that could of just been a loss without something as simple as a feature to

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