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They always show themselves...
But, I will NEVER vote against my/mine best interests.
Reparations should've began for Our Ancestors during Reconstruction and during the Civil Rights Era!
The descendants of colonizers know that the pay out of Reparations to the Descendants of Enslaved Africans/Indigenous People of this Land would cripple the U.S., financially!
As the GrandDaughter of "Fairrillia" Indigenous Blackfoot would I receive her land that was snatched/or monies due to my Father & his Siblings?
Yeah right! 🤬
The colonizers decided who were to be labeled native/Indian remember that

One thing about me is I buy black. I highly recommend https://www.rubbedindiamon... it’s a black owned body care small business out of Michigan. I swear by it use it myself the scrubs are so good you don’t even have to use lotion after the shower because it truly moisturizes!

India didn’t change Lil Durk, Lil Durk changed for India. So when women allow these rappers, athletes and entertainers to embarrass them time n time again I can’t help but shake my head. Then again, these women don’t seem to demand equal respect from their man…

So apparently I have traces of Indian in me by the way I sit and squat lol. An elder pointed it out & said that Indians sit the way I do so I should look into my lineage 😬. I’ve never heard of that but I feel cool

All I need is Loyal women on my team who are about building generational wealth. I'm doing my music and fighting. Investment in BLKEM and more to come.

Risk takers and women who are health oriented and knowledgeable of growing without allowing life to make you stagnant.

I'm here to give my all too you and build this tribe Mellarazion ????

A tribe full of colors Aboriginal and indigenous alike. Africa, Indians, and Asian, Aztecs ??

India: Drowned by the Second Wave I Arte Documentary

India: Drowned by the Second Wave I ARTE Documentary - YouTube

WARNING - THIS PROGRAMME CONTAINS SENSITIVE CONTENTWATCH: India: Farmers' Fury a month ago, India seemed to h...


#GrandRising Here's your #WordOfTheDay
Source: #OxfordDictionary and #Thesaurus

#UseItInASentence : “Desire for land impelled aristocrats and lowborn alike to come to Virginia; those who survived acquired holdings at Indian expense. Colonists assumed that SOVEREIGNTY resided with the company and the King. Indians could not or would not see this logic."

#BookReference : #TheOnlyLandTheyKnew : The Tragic Story of the American Indians of the South
Author: #JLeitchWrightJr
#OneBookOneWordAtATime #ReadBeforeYouReach

yallll theres soooooo many resources for us in Africia ...... if we're suppose to be rebuilding blk wall streets , how do yall expect thst to be FUNDED. . ??? when we already have ZERO WEALTH ?where are OUR RESOURCES GOING TO BE IMPORTED FROM !!!!!????? ( gotta think LONG TURN, & cut OUT the middle man )ie. jews -asians-arabs -& indians

So, I've been developing this concept for a social media app targeted generally at the true indigenous people of the world, and specifically those in North, Central and South America being labeled black, negro, colored, indian, etc.

I break history down into a language that young ppl can understand. I talk street with it??. I be like, "George Washington ol goofy ass started the French and Indian War tryna take them Indians shit" ???

skinny black girls need to be appreciated more. our petite bodies can be both cute and sexy, depending on what energy we're giving off, and our silhouettes are beautiful. dont let men make you feel like you're less of a woman or not as beautiful bc you might not have the same curves as meghan thee stallion or india royale or mulatto. bodies like jhene aiko, karreuche, zendaya, flo milli etc are also drop dead gorgeous and we should be proud of the way we were built. you dont need a big ass, big hips, and big titties to be beautiful. you're beautiful anyway??

Our ancestors was forced to fight in wars that they had absolutely nothing to do with. George Washington started the French & Indian War & he also started the Revolutionary War. Both wars we had nothing to do with, yet we was forced to fight. Either fight or you get killed. Your choice was what our ancestors were told. What would you do in that situation??

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