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in this next installment i discuss emily haines, front leader of band metric's side project, emily haines & the soft skeleton. she recently did a newer album for this project too.

i showcase crowd surf off and cliff and the last page as samples and give a little blurb of what speaks to me.
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If we're serious about building wealth and generational wealth, then we have to get serious on taking that step. The games are over and have been for years! Just imagine the resources that we will have access to if we do this on our own. Just imagine how we would be able to change the tide on our circumstances.

Everyone has something to contribute to our liberation. We just have to figure out what that may be.

Become the puzzle piece.

How black wealth is built in America - What they don't tell you in school - YouTube

I am answering some black weal..

The Afro Broadcast & Community Network asks for your financial support to help expand the network. Our video, podcast, and streaming radio venues are growing because more of Black America is finding their voice.
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This is one of the reason why they told us Africa is dangerous and poor, so we shouldn't visit but rather donate.

So decades after decades, they're going into Africa and depleting their resources, getting wealthy while we continue to believe their lies.

Like every other locations, there are dangerous parts...but where do you really see resources such as these, that the locals have access to.

Africa is rich and every country wants its share, for THEIR benefit.

Longevity is wealth. Africa needs to hold on to its resources and flip the script on these profits.


Congolese Villagers Scramble as they Discover a Whole Mountain Full of Gold - YouTube

Has the African Eldorado been ..

Just when you thought you've saw it all, something else comes up that your eyes have never witnessed before.#StayHumble✨

Who's all in favor of having no Electoral College? I understand what y'all ppl are trying to do but I know it's a better way to decide for a president where it can be equal and fair & where every citizen is involved in the selection.

start viewing yourself through the female gaze instead of the male gaze and watch your confidence skyrocket

its cold asf outside but this middle age yt guy is jogging in a sleeveless shirt and TINY ass shorts wth

Replied to Reaghan Costner's Post

yes you should! ghana is such a beautiful country. i want to raise my kids there for a few years

Most Important Self Improvement Trait || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett#SelfImprovement


Share your videos with friends..

idk who need to hear this but girl shoot yo shot at that nigga you keep side starin at... You'd be suprised at the results 😂

is blkem pronounced black-em?? bc when i told my brother about it he said it sounds like a porn website😭😭

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i had never heard it before either until a year ago i just used to say hey when ppl said good morning now i grand rising a mf to death😭😭😭🤣🤣

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