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We are under attack and everything we do that supports their agenda, only pushes us further away from progression.  


You're racially ambiguous, so you can blend in with another culture! Know your privilege and stop displaying Black women as your battle buddy!   


Gravity Roots Progress! 

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Facebook/Instagram, YT, Snapchat, Twitter etc would NEVER put a zero tolerance on racism because it’s bad for business. 

This is why...we need to utilize platforms that do and one’s that’s focused on taking care of our issues and building at the same time. 

So....there’s no need to quit all social media’s, just facilitate the ones that’s built for you!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 

Tell your friends and family to join Blkem as well

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Reasoning with them is futile as these ideologies are part of who they are. 

So...there’s still work to be done. There’s still rights that are being violated. There are still Black people that are being incarcerated. There’s still our brothers and sisters being enslaved and killed, just because their skin color doesn’t align with white supremacy and so on! 

So we cannot become complacent!!  

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP) 

#blkem #georgefloyd #justice #B1

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