i made it! time flew and i didn't realize it. so what exactly did i make?

i made 200 videos on youtube!


i can't believe i already did this and in completing 200 videos i've overachieved this milestone already early in my youtube career.

recap with me the journey from video 100 to 200 and the things that have changed within my creating them. see my growth, new additions, and future goals. the goth life includes being really excited and engaged to do your part to keep the movement growing.

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The goals of this group have been posted before. We are building as we speak. The mobile apps are in review in the app stores. We have aligned ourselves with The New Era Nation so that we can begin to bring tangibles in the community.

Blkem has had discussions with like-minded individuals in order to improve user experience and access to resources.

We are working on making it happen, it's not going to happen overnight as we are still building up.

More to come!!

Hope everyone has a great week and you accomplish all your weekly goals!!☺️💕

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I guess the big difference between this and a plain old investment club is the methods the SPAC uses to achive basically the same goals as the investment club.

I'll learn more as I research further, but on its face this SPAC thing might turn out to be the new BITCOIN

#podcast Blue Dope by Olivia Dope

NEW EPISODE! On this installment, we chat with the Founder of@fashionbombdaily ,@clairesulmers She’s more than a “fashion blogger.” She’s an inspiration!

Tell us, are you willing to sleep on a tub in pursuit of your goals? We’ll wait...

But in the meantime, stream our latest episode wherever you listen to podcasts! (including@pandora)

Ive always been very hesitant of celebrating the 1st Black this or that because Ive always felt that its more of an accomplishment for those who worked overtime to keep Black faces out of White spaces. I know we have been qualified, skillful, smart enough etc well before they finally decided to intergrate. When they control the system, they control the narrative and now we act like Black representation in historically racist institutions is#goals . thats just me however.

over these 23 years of me living , ive finally decided that it was time to APPLY THIS PRESSURE. i can write my goals , load my calender up ,etc... But it would just be a visual representation of all the things i never got a chance to accomplish ... so this year , its less wroting and more doing 👌🏾

i dont let people tell me what i can and cant, or should and shouldnt do. i do as i please and trust in my abilities and hard work to get me there. my happiness is my responsibility to nuture and protect.

move forward with good intentions for yourself and others. rely on yourself. set proper boundaries. sort out your priorities. set achievable goals. recognize your success and dont undermine yourself. leave no space for hatred or negativity. be mindful.

Ladies and Gents 🗣 Summer is right around the corner. Time to make sure you get the ass right in tight for them bikinis and speedos. I recently restarted my fitness journey. Don't judge me 😂 I purchased these KAW Fitness -3pc Booty Resistance Bands of Amazon. They're Anti-Slip & Anti-Roll which beat those annoying cheap ones you have to pull down. They're on sale for $23.99 and you can save 15% at checkout. You can follow them on IG@bootygoalsbands Be sure to tell them how important it is to Support other Black Businesses ❤️ To purchase go to: www.amazon.com/shops/kawathletics/

Back IN#Website
In light of a trending video that has surfaced about a woman saying she is not a selfish lover, she wants another divine feminine energy to cater for her man rather than stress him about staying faithful, how do you feel about your Belief, Relationship Goals and your Boundaries?
#BlackPolygamy vs#BlackMonogamy ?

Our article about Polygamy is re-published here:

In light of a trending video that has surfaced about a woman saying she is not a selfish lover, she wants another divine feminine energy to cater for her man rather than stress him about staying faithful, how do you feel about your Belief, Relationship Goals and your Boundaries?
#BlackPolygamy vs#BlackMonogamy ?

What is Black Love for YOU?


Should some IDENTIFY AS POLY to push the respect of their personal choices?


Or should WE ALL add different type and flavours of LOVE to not mind other people's Businesses?


Does allowing a man to have

Year of Empowerment is starting and I will help anyone with their fitness goals. we cannot afford another year of faith " i hope" living. lets be doers and make the change within ourselve so we can be better soldier for out community 🙌🏾

Before we set goals, lets make sure our spirits intact first.

Grand Risings and Good Afternoon!
Im starting a 60 day challenge the 1st week of January. All people who sign up for the 60 day Challenge will have their own personal goal and a set goal for the end of the 60 days, the one who comes the closest to completing both goals will win a prize at the end of the program with products that are from black owned businesses. There will also be a donation that will be made to the winners choice of black owned business as well ! Information on how to sign up will be coming within the next couple days and the event will start on MLK Day January 18th.

We will be going live on IG today. 

We will be discussing some of these topics, if not all: 

1. Blkem updates 
2. White-owned networks, censorship. 
3. Blacks defending using white-owned networks and not Black-owned  
4. FB/IG policies 
5. Putting aside our differences between African, African American, Caribbean American etc and working for a common goal 
6. Clubhouse - The new white-owned trend Black people are caping for. Building another house instead of our own. 
7. Followers not engaging on Blkem as well. 
8. Future Black Empowerment goals 

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