Africa News
#Eswatini Protesters want Democracy in Africas last absolute Monarchy; A Curfew has been established and the King allegedly fled the country

#ghana 2 People died, and 4 injured in total during protests

#drc to strengthen ties with#rwanda
Ongoing crisis with attacks

Ongoing war between#tigray and#ethiopia
TIgray rebels retake tigrays capital - Ethiopia declared ceasefire
UNICEF office had been raided

Guess what I made today? African Black Soap! I ordered the potash from Ghana and made it myself. It'll be ready and available in one month for purchase. :-)

Support black owned always!

😁Did you hear that Ghana has stopped exporting Cocoa tothe Swiss? They will be making their own chocolate from now now!

Ghana wins airport war against Britian πŸ”₯πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘πŸ½


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Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana and I feel every part of that.

#senegal clashes kill one after opposition leader was arrested over allegations of rape, lawyer says that opposition leader Sonko is victim of 'state conspiracy '

#southafrica fake corona vaccines from china have been found outside the capital;
Women are taking a stand against rape culture

#eritrea #ethiopia warcrimes in#tigray

#Uganda tensions between uganda and#USA as human rights violations continue

#drc congo international outrage over death sentence for whistleblower

#republicofcongo #congo gets ready for elections

#ghana Mahama criticize supreme court rejection

if you dont know Mr Ghana Baby (Wode Maya), You should definetly check out his youtube channel. he is showing us the africa that we never saw, and shares inspirational success stories of africans born in africa, and africans returning to africa . his older videos about being an african in china are also interesting.#africatotheworld

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yes you should! ghana is such a beautiful country. i want to raise my kids there for a few years

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please are there any ghanains here πŸ‘€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­????

Africa News
#tanzania admits covid cases under WHO pressure after being in denial

#Nigeria 300 school kids abducted , 42 released

#ghana starts vaccinations

#guinea continues fight against Ebola

#niger post electoral violence after elections last Sunday

#cameroon military accused of raping more than 20 women, imprisoning of 9 homosexual persons, 2 cases of polio

#republiccongo accused of ordering weapons from Azerbaijan

#congo faults#rwanda army for killing of Italian convo

#senegal starts vaccinations, strips of immunity from opposition minister sonko in ca

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