Happy Afrikan Union and Liberation Day. #georgefloyd #KwameNkrumah#HaileSelassie#MarcusGarvey#BookerTWashington

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Reasoning with them is futile as these ideologies are part of who they are.?
So...there’s still work to be done. There’s still rights that are being violated. There are still Black people that are being incarcerated. There’s still our brothers and sisters being enslaved and killed, just because their skin color doesn’t align with white supremacy and so on!?
So we cannot become complacent!! ?
Gravity Roots Progress (GRP)?

#blkem #georgefloyd #justice #B1

Watching this case merely seemed as if white supremacy was toying with us as if we had them cornered and they’re trying everything in the book to slither their way out of a conviction. ?

The sheered anxiety of what’s coming next to an outcome that was not expected.?

Nevertheless, George Floyd got justice and a sweeter one would be if he was still alive today.?

There’s no reasoning with those who wear the badge but continue to infringe on the rights of the Black community.

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#blkem #georgefloyd #justice

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