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Yea he was talkin ab his family member, but he used the F slur repeatedly and continuously misgendered his uncle

Black Men. Black Women.

Please remember that transgender men aren't men. They can't be us.

Transgender women aren't women. They can NEVER be you.

I get needlessly misgendered for no reason, out of nowhere and just be like “🙃 Oh you were talkin to me?” I don’t even be processing it until like 15 min later. 😭

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I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Gender is a social construct similar to race and the fact that people fit into a social construct doesn’t mean they get to enforce it on others. It probably does hurt the Democratic Party, but civil rights always has a backlash.

Pushing the transgender agenda is worthless and is seen by many as unnatural, harmful to children, and a little bit weird.

The Transgender and Gender Identity Agenda is Hurting the Democratic Party

Street Harassment (5 Fast Facts) - YouTube

Maliyka A. Muhammad helps us bring you up to speed with the facts about street harassment, including the truths we may find hard to accept.

One reason I am reluctant to get vaccinated is that the same people telling me to do it are the same people telling me there are multiple genders, humans are not human until they are born and $5,000,000,000,000 in new government programs has a zero price tag.

Gender change at FOUR without parents' consent | Scottish govt's controversial new guidance

Gender change at FOUR without parents' consent | Scottish govt's controversial new guidance - YouTube

New guidelines introduced by the Scottish government will allow children 'as young as four' to change their gender and name at school without parental consen...

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - Season 4 Episode 11: Abigail Shrier, Author of "Irreversible damage: the Transgender craze" || Dr Jordan B Peterson


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Well folks, we have seen enough with the media, conditioned folks, and these sambo's acting like the resident dj's on them turntables. ?
There's a heavy push to turn the table on the Black Community, their combine allegiance to pushing the narrative and putting us in the crosshairs are disturbing.?
First Biden stating that Transgender Discrimination is the Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time while Black People continue to be killed by white supremacy and their race soldiers.

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#blkem #stopblackhate #buyblack

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its the gender roll switching in music for me?.... its just Soooo much ion know where to begin.

im not so sure Biden is the lesser. At least Trump would not have raised transgenders above us socially and he would not be fighting to keep illegal immigrants in this country (to also place above us socially).

Trump would not hve done anything to help ue, but at least he would not have passed laws and written edicts that harm us.

Biden is deliberately IGNORING us, to his shame.

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Old YT people do not mess with us. I don't know why we not getting it? Yall literally voted for the lesser of 2 evils

Democrats Passing Laws For Everyone Except Black Voters ...

It was Black people who put Biden in the WH ...

It was B;lack people who gave the Democrats control of the Senate ...

Yet who is Biden writing bills for left and right?

LGBT, Transgenders, immigrants, and white women!

It is time to get informed!!!!

Democrats Passing Laws For Everyone Except Black Voters - YouTube

Biden and the Dems are passing..

Well, here we are, exactly one full month into the Biden presidency and STIIL no word on what the great one is doing for the very ones who pulled his ass from defeat and across the finish line ahead (so they say) of Donald Trump.

Green cards for Dreamers, Amnesty for tens of millions of illegals, COVID vaccinations for illegal border crossers, Transgender equities, teachers' unions, environmentalists and the list goes on and on.

I guess if we scroll down that list and wait long enough we just might see a few scraps thrown out to the Black community.

Or maybe this is just par for the c

Why I Don’t Talk About Women As Much | The Gender War || The PRACTITIONER Speaks #LIVE #DomGame by C Boogie


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