I stayed up until midnight to watch The Ultimatum: France. I finished the entire season and popped an hour after my alarm. only doing that on weekends from now on. funny thing is I’ll be on time to work lol

I’ve watched a show derived in France and a show derived in Brazil this past week. The land is so beautiful. I wanna go 😩.

apparently in France a guy decided to walk home and was found dead of hypothermia somewhere along the way. could you imagine

“We are in a war for our racial genetic survival against the white supremacists. Therefore, we must replace the system of racism white supremacy with a system of justice.”
— Dr Frances Cress Welsing,
Author of The Isis Papers


Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (2010)

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (2010)

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My crew tore up KFC in Jamaica this summer after waiting in line for an hour. I don’t eat meat anymore, but they said it was better than home and they’re from the souf south lol. Now France (Paris Africa area) was a complete stunt! It was awful and I just knew it was going to be 🔥 because it was all black with a long line. I tossed the chicken and ate the potatoe wedges. 🤢

I was born in France so that’s the home team, but rooting for Senegal as well

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Hi, Aaliyah-Maéva here, daughter of indecisive parents as you can tell. Born and raised in Marseille, France. i’m 19 and hopefully a future psychiatrist ✨

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The same agenda that is used to deport black immigrants en masse. The same agenda used to keep Hijabis in France from wearing their hijabs. The same agenda funding Israel's apartheid of Palestine.

"We are suppose to be the prime example of self respect dignity and power" Dr. Frances Cress Welsing #quotes #Blackpowerwithpurpose

What's new?

Tensions with France

Post Election trouble

Womens Saftey Problems

Deploys troops to boarder with ehtiopia

Politician arrested

Bobi Wine keeps being intimidated by military

Ongoing tension between south and north

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