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The same agenda that is used to deport black immigrants en masse. The same agenda used to keep Hijabis in France from wearing their hijabs. The same agenda funding Israel's apartheid of Palestine.

"We are suppose to be the prime example of self respect dignity and power" Dr. Frances Cress Welsing #quotes #Blackpowerwithpurpose

What's new?

Tensions with France

Post Election trouble

Womens Saftey Problems

Deploys troops to boarder with ehtiopia

Politician arrested

Bobi Wine keeps being intimidated by military

Ongoing tension between south and north

#africaunite #Africa #africanews #africannews #panafrican #everydayafrica #exploreafrica #Mali #guinea #centralafricanrepublic #sudan #gambia #Uganda

#Nigerian movement for the liberation of the western Sahara condemns France's actions
3 Abducted schoolgirls have been found shot

#zimbabwe deadlock over tobacco transportation fares

#southafrica lawyers representing Zuma are withdrawing

#tanzania braces for cyclone ,
Suluhu doesn't want to be compared to Magufuli ,
Oil deal with Uganda

#liberia #ivorycoast Liberian men had been killed during attack on ivorian military base

#ethiopia #tigray sexual violence as weapon of war

#Namibia protest against oil company

#kenya shortage of HIV drugs


The french colonial regime had been violent and ruthless. Since Europeans thought that africans are of a lesser race and uncivilized savages , the war methods have been ruthless and there havent been any "war crimes " and the need to act by moral standards. It's time to fully recognize responsibilities and the damage that has been done and to remove themselves from african governments. It's not necessary that westafricans are still paying with money produced and regulated by france 60 years after "independence ".

#rwanda #africaunite

#GrandRising Word Of The Day Source: Oxford Dictionary
“The process of DECODING a power system and its culture is a necessary first step to achieve behavioral mastery over that system/culture. The attainment of such mastery is an essential step in the process of total liberation for the victims who wish to end that oppression and regain their self-respect and mental health."
#BookReference :#TheIsisPapers: Author: Dr.#FrancesCressWelsing #ReadBeforeYouReach #blkem

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Fr ! If we’re here it’s because our great grandfathers and grandfathers fought for France during the war and helped rebuild the country. Bitch we deserve to be here !

?? French news segment ?
There was a survey in France and they asked : “For each category, do you think there is too many of them in France ?” And between 40 to 50% of French people think there is too many Romanians, Maghrebians, and Muslims in the country, and 1/4 think there is too many black people

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Every country has it's adaptation I guess because in France it's Christophe Colomb

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Oh but he’s not hiding. Just to give you some examples the currency there is "Franc CFA". Franc is the old currency in France (before Euro), CFA basically means « France’s African colonies ». So our money is made in France. Also, the official language there is French when most people actually understand and speak other (African) languages... ?????

I’m in class from 9am to 6pm. France has a curfew from 6pm to 6am. Am I supposed to go out at 6am ?! What is that ???

In response Houleye ... to her Publication a new provider is one solution. There it is. Thank you! We'd say from what we seen on the timeline, Figgers Wireless (Black Owned) is a solution for those in the U.S. Is there Black Owned options in France?

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I don’t know ? We have a completely different system in France. Our plans also were kind of expensive before, until a new provider came into the market with 9,99€ plans. Nothing’s been the same ever since ?

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80 DOLLARS ?! Nahh that’s 1 thing France got right I guess ? cuz’ here if it goes above 30 it’s already considered wayyy too expensive

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