Hello, I’m super excited to be here! Currently in a Black Entrepreneurship in the US class at Morehouse and let me tell you, this movement is more important than we know.

Let’s give this platform time to grow and iterate as need be, invest in and support!

Check out my list of tips for all Black entrepreneurs. These are very helpful tips for the young up-and-comers who are currently taking the world by storm. Support Black Owned Media💪🏾


Tune in & tell somebody! It's our Monday night tradition! We're going LIVE TONIGHT to discuss PASSIVE WAYS TO MARKET & DRIVE REVENUE at 9pm EST on MP, FB, IG, & YouTube!

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My Experience at Gucci Store - Lessons on Rewarding Your Woman & Entrepreneurship || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett


My Experience at Gucci Store - Lessons on Rewarding Your Woman & Entrepreneurship - YouTube

Discussing the high end luxury shopping experience, the nature of the customers, and if/when it’s appropriate to splurge on a female. Lastly, considering wha...

Prior to Joe Biden's inauguration, a meeting was held with Civil Rights leaders to which Biden stated that he plans on spending "over $15 billion dollars to provide for opportunity for young black entrepreneurs to get them off the ground." Unless the racial wealth gap is closed Black Americans will be in serious trouble after 2030. Though $15 billion is nowhere near enough, it is a start. There for pressure must be applied to hold Biden to his word. https://www.youtube.com/wa...

Joe Biden Must Deliver His $15 Billion Commitment To Young Black Entrepreneurs - YouTube

Prior to Joe Biden's inauguration, a meeting was held with Civil Rights leaders to which Biden stated that he plans on spending "over $15 billion dollars to ...

Since stimulus checks are starting to hit, here’s some reminders
1. You don’t have the right to tell people what to do with their money, it’s theirs, not yours.

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, so don’t push people to take their money and start a business.

3. Don’t talk down on others for needing this money. If you got it like that, good for you not everyone does.
4. Some people have been struggling for months. So whether they want to save it, spend it on bills, or use it to do something nice for themselves, they have that right.
Stay out of other people’s pockets. Thanks.

#Sunday CookOut Conversation ~

Feeling inspired to reflect on WHO Black Entrepreneurs choose as Models and Faces for their OWN BRANDS.

Dark, Light, White skin: what your adverts say about your brand?

Where do they put their money? Which audience respond to their campaigns?

Appointment at 7PM (London GMT) on Sunday 21st

Campaign: PHLEUR Serum by Phyllisia Ross
Male model: Stevenson Jean
Owner & Model: Phyllisia Ross
Swimsuit: Dose of Mi
Photographer: Island Boi Photography (Joey Rosado)

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As long as we keep trying t move up as a group we will always be where we are, and with another 11,000,000 brand new citizens on the way, our bottom of the barrel status can only get worse.

No group of people on the planet have imroved their status as a group except by armed revolution.

White people got teh ower they have by small groups of them coming together and creating projects, even empires and other small groups imitated and emulated those successful entrepreneurs and eventually there were and are tens of thousands of those small groups of people who collectively have impr

Part of our episode featuring kid entrepreneurs included an interview with the 14 year old CEO of Kandles by Kierra. https://youtu.be/DhcruD0KB...

yesterday was the inagural holiday/celebration of Black Entrepreneurs Day . to do my part to support our community i'm going to share a youtube playlist to ya'll that i haven't started to add on this platform yet. over on youtube i do a 2-3 video series every month called i buy black series. i go over new and old to me companies that i've spent my money on and review the good the bad and the TRULY OCASSIONAL ugly. i've been doing this for about 3-4 years now so there are quite a bit of contect to check out!


Entrepreneurs, retailers, organizations, etc can now order T shirts with their own designs at rock bottom prices and with a discount to boot!
Submit your design to us, preview and approve your shirt and order directly from Kinya Diggit to receive your discounted offer for multiple purchases.
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In response Kbgbf Yula to his Publication

Np! I am the founder of TheBlackTube.com and Melaninbook.com. Always looking to network with more black entrepreneurs. Tell me more about your publication

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