Being comfortable is beautiful, but nothing grows there, when we factor in Black Empowerment
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In response Site Admin to his Publication

I have never come across such a collection of solutions and predictions to empower Black America before. Having the government pay Black America what it owes would really get the ball rolling, but there are several things that he suggests that we can do right now.

Yup..same thing we are saying. We been enduring hope for so long, hope became our comfort now these people are using it as empowerment

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks 🤔http://blackdocumentaries....

"If Black empowerment not personal, just emotional slogans, quotes feel good euphoric moments, we will be played every time. Check who hyped you? their true motive and purpose. Do not forget to check yours also while reacting" Kuwpa #Blackpowerwithpurpose #Blackpowerinpractice

There are certain type of vibes thats not needed or useful when focusing on sincere Black empowerment. If ever notice #thehypemasters are always ones usally lurking to create, divison, havoc some kind controversy. Draw attention to them then brag on 'securing the bag' Patterns

Although Blkem is the Black Empowerment Network, this platform don't have to be just that or "boring", as one said. Quit being too serious lol

Black Empowerment does not mean you have to throw up your guard, all the time. You're in a safe space. We can still express Black Empowerment in different, fun ways, even through entertainment.

We just have to know, when it's time to work, it's time.

After all, this is a Social Media Network.

Let's socialize!!

#blkem #B1 #blkementertainment

I think 💭 it all depends with right MIXTURE of folks who are willing to put in the work by engaging HOWEVER like I said before as Black Folks we KNOW we need to progress and be empowered but we want FUN and a tinch of rachetness at times.

Do you guys think this’ll really take off?

In response True Black Power to his Publication

Blkem comes from Black "Blk" Empowerment "Em". So it's pronounce "Black" "Em". Some people say "Blick" "Em" 😂

"Transitioning can be difficult the whole thing though to make it easier is preparation and a back up plan. One of the things about living for a while one become more empowered in doing what need to be done Sometimes its more so on principle and peace of mind than anything" Kuwpa

Officially 2 weeks from vendor registration closing! ARE YOU LEVELING UP or sitting on the sidelines???

Tag Black business!

Over 400 SMALL BLACK BUSINESSES focused on economic empowerment growth WILL BE TAKING OVER A 20,000 sq. ft. building this August!

You can view all the details here: #OURBBM #businessevent #businessexpo #buyblack #blackowned #Raleigh #entrepreneur #NorthCarolina #blackentre

sorry about the abrupt ending! it was bound to happen, finally lost some footage or thought i recorded stuff that didn't record.. other than that this is showcasing the pet shop boys. this band has a huge catalog and spans decades. the focus i'm putting on here are songs that encourage and empower me through those hard times!
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have i already posted about on here? its black owned and its main purpose is to empower the black community through grouo economics. Ms. Tavonia Evans (@cryptodeeva on Twitter) is the creator and lead engineer. its solid. check it out before you let someone talk you into investing in some other cryptocurrency for some potential short term gain

Hope everyone is living out there skin color today ?? Empowerment!

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