liquidwizdom is their ig page. If you’re in atlanta plzzzzz support them. They make extremely bomb seamoss Drinks✨

Mind you, I chose to drive there on my own. He didn’t tell me to come pick up anything, so I wasn’t expecting anything free out of no one. I just wanted to know when the next time he’d be out there with them good ass drinks lol. But as a Black business that values his customers, he took it upon HIMSELF to compensate me for even showing up & supporting & so ima KEEP supporting🤍

Quick story:
So I’ve been craving this peanut butter sea moss drink for a min now & I finally drive to the place today to get it only to find out they weren’t there🥲. So what I do? I Dm the guy telling him how hurt I was that they weren’t there with drinks😂…& what did this Black business do to show his appreciation for me driving to him to buy his product? Offered me a FREE drink that he was willing to DELIVER to me😩..See that’s the type of MASCULINE energy I need! It’s really the smalll efforts like that that make me want to forever support my ppl

I, too, am on this path. Not as consistent as I should be recently though. I’ve added sugar to my food and drinks about 4 times this year.

Part of my goal was to break a sugar dependency.

The plan is still to drop an additional 80 lb. by Dec 31.

My ingredients beets ginger apples carrots. Pineapple. You can add veg of your choice broccoli cucumber stringbeans add a bottle ofbwatwr as you don't want the pure juice to shock your system. Drink a bottle a day and relax the next week. You can get an all vers leaf peel and use the gell blended by itself and add to each individual bottle. Something to boost your blood and immune.

Pleasant evening. Today I'm sharing beet drink. I do different things when I'm off keeping active

As a people we have to ask ourselves are we Predators or Scavengers. A predators in the animal kingdom will create an opportunity for themselves while a scavenger has to wait for that opportunity to be presented to them. This is not our cup that we are drinking from let's go find us a SOURCE.

Don’t know how I got a kidney stone considering I drink tons of water and am healthy, but I will say I have been neglecting my water intake this past week so that might’ve been it 😩 wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy. But I do want those nurses to know what that shxt felt like at least once

Women only want flowers bc other women want flowers. Be original. You don’t have a favorite snack? Drink? You don’t want a nice pen to journal? Candles? Plant? Hair products? Does your man not study you??? Do you not study your man? Maybe I’m thinking too deep & expect too much from this unthoughtful generation

How God knew we’d need water to drink & wash our ass?🤔

"the criminalization of black & indigenous ppl is genocide

"kids in cages" is genocide

not having safe drinking water is genocide

food deserts is genocide

the rape & medical experimentation on undocumented women & girls is genocide

separating families is genocide"


it helps improve heart health, improve skin conditions, has protein , calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, deceease high cholesterol, high blood pressurr, reduce weight, reduce blood sugar and has many more benefits. drink lots of water when using

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