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and then some coons gone go and try to defend him in the comemnts.

Not the coons suspending you πŸ˜‚

Twtr suspended me so i'll be here full-Time

I can see the coons flockin to this app with their hate agenda instead of helping , entertaining, and teaching.


Replied to Blkem Admin's Post

What he is going to learn is the same thing all the coons before him learned. They will use you until they no longer need you and then toss you out...Coonism 101

Look at the COONS that be speaking for the Black community. Their individual and political validations are invalid and we need not fall for their games. This is something that they want us to gain emotions about. Don't be distracted!!


Well the inaugural hoopla is over all the coons made their speeches, now it's time to set back and see what the immigrant does for the immigrants because she isn't black. They had all these idiots running around hollerimg about chucks and pearls and when the smoke clears they will tell Blacks on America we were not talking to you nor did we make any promises. Oh yeah we will forgive your student loans after you paid twice for them and bu the way here is 1400 in stimulus but we giving that to everybody anyway. Dont bring up REPARATIONS we had nothing to do with SLAVERY..

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