Two (2) more days before our 1st Blkem Information Session. You can listen via mobile and computer.

You can ask questions. You can make a comment (Can you? lol haven't use the feature before). You can participate in the conversation.

You will get to know Blkem and what we have brought and are working on bringing to the table.

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

In response Site Admin to his Publication

Nah! This ain’t it! If I’m going to spend a quarter in regards to Juneteenth, it’ll be within my community. If this had come out 10 years ago, maybe there could have been a conversation.

Hell, donate all proceeds to the community, show and back up receipts.

I’m not with it.

In response Site Admin to his Publication

Allot of folks like the noise, descent and bickering that are elsewhere. A quiet steady build is not enough energy. Having conversations that are informative and elevating create a higher vibration... it is not all about the base... the bottom is necessary as a framework but...

So when I came across this tweet from Chance The Rapper, I instantly thought of Blkem b/c isn’t conversations like this one of the main reasons Blkem was created?? I can’t think of a better platform for the Black diaspora to discuss this on.

What do y’all think about these menstrual trackers with this Roe v Wade conversation happening? Are you fearful of that data being used against you?

In response Dave Mudroots to his Publication

Is the bigger message government power over the human body in lieu of the abortion conversation? Because in the context of abortion and in the context of covid(aka today), your argument has been used as a dog whistle by "pro-birthers" to discredit the pro-choice movement.

In response Susan Jackson to her Publication

It’s a good conversation to have. The problem I had with vaccines and masking is that people had an attitude of “getting sick isn’t a big deal”. I’m fine with people getting themselves sick, but some were fine with getting others sick and I’m part of others.

How do the systems in everyday life affect your body image?

What percentage of men compare their bodies to those in social and conventional media?

Why have parts of the fitness community shamed Michael and Kymberly for their weight loss methods?

Join us as we answer these questions and more on our conversation on body image. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #BodyImage #BodyPositivity #BodyDysmorphia

What are the necessary qualifications to homeschool your kids?

What is Montessori method?

What’s the best way to advocate for Black students in America’s education system?

We try to figure all of this out in our conversation with educators and experts, on this week’s episode; The Miseducation. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #education #blackowned #stem #hiphop #RnB

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Sen. Tom Cotton Upset Over Biden's UN Invite On Racism - YouTube

Neely Fuller Jr - Never Walk Away From A Conversation Scratching Your Head- 29 Jun 2021

Neely Fuller Jr - Never Walk Away From A Conversation Scratching Your Head- 29 Jun 2021 - YouTube


We have to switch the conversation from Knowing Black History to Knowing Black Future!!!

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