now i just need to finish learning solidity lol, and finish school. then i can devote (all of) my time to coding this revolution ??

#GrandRising Word Of The Day Source: Oxford Dictionary
“The process of DECODING a power system and its culture is a necessary first step to achieve behavioral mastery over that system/culture. The attainment of such mastery is an essential step in the process of total liberation for the victims who wish to end that oppression and regain their self-respect and mental health."
#BookReference :#TheIsisPapers: Author: Dr.#FrancesCressWelsing #ReadBeforeYouReach #blkem

So What's You Guys Profession/Job

For Me:
Profession: Medical Billing & Coding
Job#1: Claims Management Specialist/Provider Relations Specialist
Job#2: Billing Assistant

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