good morning y'all.
today is my birthday. i'm 35!
here are some ways to help celebrate me:
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thank you for being on this journey of life with me. let's see what 35 brings me.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who identify as a mother whether it’s nature or nurture I hope you are properly celebrated today πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Yessssssss!!! Though we celebrate all things black…all day , every day… I’d love for Blkem to host spotlight days in the future πŸ’•@administrator


Celebrating my mother's 64th year of life. (On the right side). She is my Black History Hero of the day!

Despite the different views and this being the shortest month, let's celebrate "US" and all our greatness.
"Controversy keeps Division" - Kawanalwhite

Every Year we should be providing new HEROES to celebrate for BLACK HISTORY month until it spill over into the other eleven month.

You know what fam, I been got off the retail crazy train and I don't celebrate any holidays but if you are going to buy someone a gift don't let your dollars matriculate outside our own communities. There are plenty of black owned businesses to support and yes I know that not everyone is honest or deal fairly when it comes to our people, but we have to learn to be self reliant or we continue the trends taught by the oppressors. STAY BLACK

I celebrated with my grandson his 8th birthday. Only had two guess, but a very enjoyable day

here's my video for the 3rd year of black goth appreciation day! a day once a year on june 21st every year that is to celebrate, push on the algorithms on social media, research, financially support, support for free by consuming their media, spotlighting, and showcasing, and appreciating goths who are black!

as dana requests, hashtags
#Blackgothappreciationday #Blackgothmusic
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In response Dave Loki to his Publication

I did i am from Texas so this is something that was celebrated long before I knew who i was but its something that bridges us back to our past a reminder that things havent always been so pleasant for us.

hello blkem land! today's my birthday i'm 34.
i enjoy my time here with those who engage with the page, share my posts, and comment on them! your participation on my page is so valued to me.
if you feel inclined to help me celebrate i have some ways to connect with me.

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here's to celeberating another year w

I watched Them when it first came out with no context. This is for my american brothers and sisters were you as disturbed by the show as I was or do you think this something that should be celebrated? I ask because in my opinion the show could have done without all the gruesome scenes i am legit seeing so many ppl saying go watch this show so we are casually promoting black trauma...OK

In response unchained tiger to his Publication

"or feel the pain and degradation of slavery

or celebrate all we have given to the world

or point with great exclamation out the white devil

it matters not how well you do all these things, ladies and gentlemen

the challenge must still be taken up

Fire must fight fire

institutions, traditions, habits and hopes

must be uprooted, raised and put to the torch

no stone left unturned

and institutions, traditions, habits and hopes

must be restored

they must be rebuilt or built anew" #quote

Dr Amos Wilson

Morning fam! ??

Never understood why we celebrated the Resurrection two days after, if Jesus rose on the third.


Where you can find the exclusive TeamTSC brands which has throwback styles of the some of the 90s B-Boy fashions and celebrates black love

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