My car should be ready by Friday! I hope it still drives brand new

As a brand new business owner I am learning very quickly that family & friends lack the understanding of what support looks like. Asking for a discount of any sort completely takes away the principle of support. Babes this shit ain’t free!

In response Shun Williams to his Publication

Try cultureconenction360. They have a few different brands but everything is Black owned.

Can I get some recommendations for black owned deodorant brands?

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

The fact that it wears differently on everybody is the best part for me. I can’t do really sharp scents, so this is perfect for me to wear. I love that the MFK brand is unisex.

So we are looking for investors for a Black owned Rum-Punch Brand. The owner doesn't want to do a Kickstarter because he's been in business since 2019 but beyond using his already exhausted personal funds..What else are we to to?

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I just watched the build your brand one! Short and informative!

Northerners, test your furnace this week don’t wait. Even if the house is brand new…cause playas fck up sometimes too👍🏾✊🏾🤣

Y’all better leave GenX alone. We fought irl none of this protection behind a screen while talking shit…we either beat your ass or got our asses beat but we fight for real ain’t no talking.
These old knees can lead to a brand new foot in ya ass😘🤣

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

@Draenation most brands using this tactic also manufacture “demand” for their product. “Limited edition,” “only 100 worldwide” etc. in addition to a big awareness campaign.

To charge premium price you gotta be top notch or make it seem that way

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

It can be used to a strategy to bring in higher clientele …. Up to a certain point. Like if you’re gonna do that EVERYTHING has to be on point— quality of product, branding, packaging, marketing, influencer/celeb marketing, your connections etc.

In response 💽DJ A1 😈 to his Publication

@Draenation this is a great answer. Like DJ A1 said, a quality product or strong brand with fantastic marketing can get away charging higher prices.

Imma answer your other question tho in a sec. I peeped it

Microsoft Publishes Garbled AI Article Calling Tragically Deceased NBA Player "Useless"

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