Hello Everyone! My name is Reign. I’m a website designer and business brand mentor from Florida. Thanks for the add!

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y’all.. “oh no. definitely not, she’s bad for the brand” has me crineeeee. bad for the brand sounds soooo got damn despicable omg. 😩😭🤣

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Mannnnn… there is nothing I can do at this point. Somebody messed up my order for a new service and I pretty much have to start from scratch with brand new equipment. Their first appointment was next Saturday. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Okay, so I completely mixed this up lol the Stella wine is considered a “wine spritzer”. I was mixing up these three brands because they all black and got the same stars😂

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😂😂😂 yo day-3 is literally one the worst days lol if you would've made it to day-4 you would've felt brand new

is it just me or does getting a new phone case have y'all out here feeling real brand new too lol. I just got rid of my old case because she was krute, but she was lil raggedy 😭.

SEE this is why we need that got damn edit button Unc … (I’m not gonna tag a man who’s with his brand new baby 🥰)

ommggggggggg I meant to say “talk yo shit boo” LMFAO 😭😭😭😭☠️☠️ @MintKat

not a whole insult by accident 😭😭🤣😩😩 IM SCREAMING

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PrettyLittleThing, MissLola, and FashionNova are the major brands. There are a lot of black owned businesses I shop with as well that have fast delivery. It’s a long list tho so lmk if you’d like to be put on

I found some almond milk Ben and Jerry's cookie dough. it's not as great as that cashew milk brand I had the other day but

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Lool sorry, got distracted.

For the Dehydrator and bond I recommend: Gelish pH Bond Nail Prep, and ProBond Acid Free Nail Primer.

Gel Polish brands I recommend: Gelish, and YTD Likomey ASP and CND

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Ahhhh. Over the years I found that the brand really does make a huge difference. Some gel polish brands barely last more than three four days before they start chipping. Also, having a really good dehydrator and primer has helped me get longer lasting results.

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right. it’s strong branding. which is a huge facet of marketing.

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