Blockchain is not our friend. Because the dominant society has tied it to currency or something of value we need or use to buy/sell/trade, it seems like it's all the rave now, but for Black people, blockchain technology will be digital slavery for our children, grandchildren, and future Black children globally.

We need to understand the true intentions of blockchain as written by its creators to understand how it will enslave us, forever.

In response A Aaron Burns Bey to his Publication

sounds like you doing the ethereum thing. More Black folks need to know about blockchain, decentralization, and the huge economic opportunity we are in right now.

You have any crypto projects you sre hype on now? Ive moved away from ETH bc of the fees but Tron and Binance chains are doing some good things right now. And for much cheaper. Solidity is a good skill up tho either way.

In response New Era DMV to his Publication

"quadratic funding" is a method of crowd funding based on the concept of staking on the blockchain. it will change the world once it catches on.

somebody do this #solidity tutorial with me to learn how to contruct smart contracts on the #ethereum blockchain, i have this idea for a coin.... #crypto #dev #web3js

this is a great application for quadratic funding on the ethereum blockchain
#blkem #crypto #dev

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