In response ari larry to her Publication

Welcome cousin💙 We are so happy you are here 😌

You made it just in time for season two of Blkem bae

Follow #BlkemBaeDraft #blkembaeseason #blkembaeseason2 for updates

Take a seat, get a plate and remember this is a safe space and we love you ✨


to be continued...

💔💔💔. Believe what you want. I’ll hold these secrets for now.

The climax of the show was intense tonight. The past few days led to will it end?

Lost a goodt man tonight….No more
tea tonight folks. It’s gone too far. #tragicbae #lostone

For anyone looking @ziggeegold is ready to complete the roster

ANYWAYS, I have 2 #BlkemBae positions open. Join me and my 3 other Baes if you dare. You won’t regret it. And we ain’t just goin for anybody, you HAVE to be delivered from #BLKEMHeaven

You got yours in check huh

In response cito cito to his Publication

Stirring the wrong pot & don’t even know what’s cooking


I can conduct myself accordingly. And do ✨. Im not the one screaming praise under another mans post on a very PUBLIC TL.

I just want to say that it’s drama free and completely sexy on this side. There’s so much to explore in this world bby, don’t limit ya self. 😉😏 Honestly @itsteawithtea is a very high profile bae and she’d take my team to the next level. 🤔

In response Money Mitch to his Publication

lol yeah. but you can still post a pic and hashtag #blkembaeseason or claim a person yourself and they must reply with an acceptance 😌 A lot has happened 😂

Yo, @ziggeegold I'm tryna get like you

Good morning everyone! Especially my baes 😍😍😍 @tierratheehottie @Missmama @Kittyblove 😘😘😘 I hope you all have a beautiful productive and relaxing day! I’ll be home by 9pm. 🫶🏾🤩

@BlankmanXpresso will not be announcing his Blkembae this season

i’ll make you a deal @maxerinjames if i reveal mine you reveal yours ??

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