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There should be no debate on what we need to do, as you already have the blueprint for Black liberation, for decades.  

Life is not fair, why play by white supremacy's rules. 

So....Stand TFU!! Your people need you! 

#blkem #blackhope #blackdream #blackwork

Replied to Site Admin's Post

Many of our folks, even though spiritual, fail to see logics..a common sense approach to what we need to do in order to progress forward, not backward. Fail to see the amount of information we have access to, now, that we didn't before.  

We know the solutions for acquiring our first car, utilizing natural remedies to relieve our sickness, attaining our degrees, locking down a position with a notable company, getting a spot on a football team, being creative with our culture and going viral....ALL of which requires work.  


#blkem #blackhope #blackdream #blackwork

Even though it's fantasy, Aladin had to work to get that genie out the lamp.  

He didn't just hoped and dreamed that the genie will magically appear to grant his wishes. He exerted some type of force.

Many illegal aliens didn't just hoped and dreamed that one day they would be given all access to the U.S. They got up and worked. They know where they needed to be and what they needed to do. Information were cycled through their neighborhoods and they stood up and now there's bus loads...but that's another post! 


#blkem #blackhope #blackdream #blackwork

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