In response Site Admin to his Publication

We are under attack and everything we do that supports their agenda, only pushes us further away from progression.??
You're racially ambiguous, so you can blend in with another culture! Know your privilege and stop displaying Black women as your battle buddy! ??
Gravity Roots Progress!?

#blkem #blackman #blackwoman #grp #neweranation

7PM Early drip ~ because we feel like it ??????

Derrick Jaxn's wife: The Ride & Die #blackwoman
A gift for #allmen ... A curse for the Black community. We talk

#DerrickJaxn #relationshipcoach cc Frank Rivers

We all know it's the other way around.
Images like this sickens me.
The way this "artist" pictured the #blackwoman is disgusting and #stereotypical ... I hate to see it.

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