In Full circle: Fitness, Wellness & Mental Health #blackhealth
All the self-care tips you need to know about, with:
- personal trainer Leezylp Leezylp - Leezylp
- yoga coach Self-Love Prescription
- fitness coach Nekisha Taneil
- wellness author Dr Audrey Tang

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IN FULL CIRCLE ?: Fitness, Wellness and Mental Health
All the self care #Tips you never knew about #blackhealth

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It's SUNDAY and the start to your best week. Let's honestly talk about it! It's a new year. YOUR new year resolution is to get out of poverty, make 6-figures, be the FIRST millionaire in your family's legacy, create generational wealth. WHAT is your strategy to achieve it?

Success is very seldom STUMBLED upon. We want to see you achieve whatever your heart desires. How will you go about doing so?

If you're not sure or just missing pieces of the puzzle to your plan. Here's a suggestion: Attend the FREE 11 MONEY SAVING & INCOME GENERATING HA

100% ?
Supposedly I almost died! After 2 day recovery Im now currently being discharged from Methodist Hospital here in San Antonio! I was recommended surgery but The Universe is Truthfully on my side! I got allot that needs to be accomplished! Wether I succeed or fail is up to my consistency! If I have gave up in my mind then I have already Failed! I Lost over 10lb but Im still stronger everyday!

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My Job is to be an example to my brothers and sisters around me and across the ?!
Eat Healthy! Do research on all foods that you consumed How will it help you and what is best for your genetic anatomy! Your brain health and body! The healthy emotional energy and use of chakras! Advice on healthy Love life and Sexual activities for safe and enjoyable times! Advice for job opportunities and life goal path! Finding yourself and Purpose!

#arpinogrose Speaking for my people! How can you be active for the black movement if you don't know who you are?Its time to stop wasting precious time indulging in fleshly desires and get involved with the Black community!
Lets not make excuses if you want change its not just by sharing and liking posts! Find out your strengths and overcome your weaknesses!
Exercise your mind and physical health. Find something positive you like to do and keep at it! You will see a change when you break bad old habits. You won't ever want to go Back!
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The United States have put Black people through alot, after all these years, and we are still going through it. This hits hard on our mental faculty and most of us are unaware of that cognitive damage. Please, reach out to a counselor or therapist, Black of course! Anyone on the platform, who provide these services, or know someone who does, please post your information or theres. #blackhealth #blacktherapy #blackhealthmatter

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