Knowledge and wisdom is very important when being encountered by these race soldiers. #blackconsciousness #blackwisdom

If you have at least 14 mins in your day, please listen to this. Some may not agree, some will. But the message is about unification. #blackunity #blackconsciousness

#BLACKOUTDAY2020 #Blackout2020 July 7th, 2020. If you MUST buy, buy from a BLACK OWNED business. We all have to come together and make things happen in the Black community. #blackconsciousness

Hello all, 1 day left to post your business. We will will be selecting and supporting 3 businesses on this platform. Then we would like for others to pay if forward. Select 3 businesses of your own and support it. This brings inclusivity and awareness. We did not know the amount of black businesses circulating on FB and other locations. #payitforward #business #blackconsciousness

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