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The results were super vague. it was as far West as what is now Liberia and as far East as Nigeria. and it gave me percentages. it was highest for Benin & Ghana

Africa News (1/2)
#gambia upholds ban on skin bleaching products

#gabon wants more equality between men and women

#sierraleone fire inferno

#Nigeria and crypto currencies , Benin Bronze to be returned from #uk

#ivorycoast ranks fourth in global rubber production; Ouattara names Patrick Achi as prime minister

#senegal activists released, call to exit French retail companies; journalists allege increased intimidation against Ousmane Sonko; economic struggle amid covid

?Dancing (+Horse) in Togo?

Benin does also have a horse parade/festival of the dancing horse.

Original on YouTube:
Parade de chevaux à Sokodé

Uploaded by
Aboubakar K. OMOROU


A la cérémonie d'ouverture du FESTEKPE 6eme édition à Sokodé au Togo décembre 2013

Africa News (3/3)
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#eu tells #ivorycoast to brace for stricter cocoa laws

#Nigeria to build 38 oxygen plants centres as treatment for #COVID patients; gets ready for vaccinations; 1000 women have been employed ; to strengthen ties with #benin

#mozambique to prepare for second tropical storm; conflict worsens and is about to displace more than 500.000 thousand people; army and government are making efforts to establish stability and peace

#southafrica to pay double for vaccine compared to Europe

#zambia villagers seek jus

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