Realize that if a man or woman is easily impressed & moved by physical beauty alone, they are bound to cheat lol

I am learning to understand that sometimes the Pain is the Path. Paradise is located on the backside of Hell. When we learn to see the beauty through it all that's when we reach Bliss.

Had to relieve myself from the notion that one must be 100% whole, ready and healed before meeting their other half. That’s just not true. I actually don’t want my soulmate to be 100% ready, not even 90. There’s beauty in evolving, learning & growing together 🍃

The cure to depression is excepting life for what it is & learning to not gaf. You literally have to find beauty, laughter & understanding in your pain bc pain & misfortune is unavoidable & will happen no matter what. If you have the power to change the situation do it, if not just Be. Easier said than done but it’s worth practicing

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I agree. There are many bob brands now. I've seen 2 black beauty supply stores fold in the last decade because black people frequented the Asian stores and because they could not get the products from the Korean distributors. The book No Lye! : The African American Woman's Guide to Natural Hair Care chronicles the history of the transfer from a black dominated market to an Asian one. It's absolutely something that we could take back again if we put our minds to it.

Officially 2 weeks from vendor registration closing! ARE YOU LEVELING UP or sitting on the sidelines???

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Lil Sista how many times am I gonna tell you that your beauty be putting these supposed to be men on awkward mind states you intimidate them without trying....I love you to life keep being unapologetically you ??????

Yesss Cousinnn. Beauty!!??

Divine B3auty you wete meant to be , shinning so gracefully ??Reclaim your Throne????

Part 2 of the Meg situation. Comments like those are colorist b/c ya'll (colorist people) would never say that about a women who is light skin! Obv. beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I have seen plenty of posts of light skin women who have very strong masc. facial features and the comment sections are majority filled with compliments. Meanwhile let it be a dark skin woman who is very fem. looking and suddenly people think they're on Comedy Jam ?. Ughhhh it's disgusting and people like that need to be ashamed of themselves. But that's my rant for today. Lots of love beautiful people.

I ought to kick yall azz..ya mama is a black woman she might not have won a beauty contest but I bet you would kill for her!!!!!

Black women be protecting all Black men
While Black men protect only the Black women they deem attractive #stopthat .We see u

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SMH, it happens so often. You can literally look up most beauty products that are catered to the Black community and they arent black owned at all.

Today, I pray that you see the beauty and the glory of God in some small way working in your life. Seek Him and you will find Him! Good Morning Everyone! ?

new here hello beautys im kinda confused on how this site works im sure ill get the hang if it ??

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