I must preparemyself to be denied by these white platforms when it comes to this music...My Album "Mella Wall Street" is full of Black(mella) Empowerment and I do mention the white Demons soooo if anyone knows anything about a black(Mella) Music Distribution company please connect me with them ASAP! I am scheduled to drop this Album by this Summer and Now Im leaning toward Just breaking the Mainstream with my Freak Music first because I know it will not be denied by the PUBLIC!!!


I know we refer to ourselves as Black....even though the real history of the word means colorless and blanc. I have chosen to make a change in how I use my words because they have power so I refer to myself as a Mella Man. Im Mellanated.


I'm Famous Already! 🌟

Boxing Match Feb 6th Gurru Sagod Vs. Da Phoenix

Listen to FYA! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 by Arpino G Rose on#soundcloud

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This is my job in the fight to recover our black minds. I Use music as a tool for the youth and for like minded Adults to reverse the Curse upon our soul which is our mind. we have been damaged and much trauma has effected our vibrations. Renew our sight, renew our ears, renew our touch, and everything we feel. Mella Vibration is Mella Vibe Nation!

Reverse Psyche

We Have Been Together Longer Than Offset and Cardi B! Today is our Anniversary! We are an Amazing Couple! We been through it! Our Love will never Fail! Just like Diamonds we are Strong for All to see! Jus Watch! Don't be Jealous! Work Hard and Never Give up on Those who Love you and make the effort to Prove that you Love them Everyday of your Life!

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Also Happy Birthday To Mya! She Turned 14 Today!

This GRise I have been reminded! The only way we will make progression is with Love and Connections!

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